January 6 Panel “Thief” “follows” “American” “burns down the city”


In a strange series of messages on July 4th, Donald Trump On Monday, the January 6 House Panel’s “Non-Selection Committee for Political Thieves” insisted that people should “burn away the city” and “chase” those.

It’s unclear what the former president referred to in the Truth Social post. US cities have not been incinerated.

(Photo: Screenshot / TruthSocial / Donald Trump)

(Photo: Screenshot / TruthSocial / Donald Trump)

(Photo: Screenshot / TruthSocial / Donald Trump)

The current major criminal issue in the United States appears to be a series of weekly mass shootings, many of which involve access to assault-type weapons, the Trump champions. Already as of early June More than 250 shootings In the United States in 2022.

In fact, when people started celebrating Independence Day on Monday, the shooters Attacked the July 4th parade Multiple casualties in Highland Park, Illinois.

In a message, Mr. Trump told members of the House Select Commission, “People who rioted, burned cities, caused a large wave of crime, and killed many people across the United States, including drugs and traffickers. Was urged to “chase”.

Mr. Trump seems to be rattling the idea of ​​facing a criminal accusation that could emerge from a house panel aired inquiry. His post seems to be an effort to distract from the violence of January 6, 2021.

140 police officers injured In the storm of the Houses of Parliament last year. More than 840 people were arrested and charged with crimes, including assault. Deadly weapon, Destruction and theft of government assets, trespassing, and Incendiary conspiracy.. The cost and damages were about $ 3 million.

In another post, Trump ridiculed the criticism he received for urging supporters to march to the Capitol on January 6.Fight like hell “ Confuses authentication Joe BidenVictory in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump posted on Monday: “Fight On, America, Fight On! (Oh, I’m sorry. Using the word fight, they would say I’m inciting a riot. I apologize!)”

(Photo: Screenshot / TruthSocial / Donald Trump)

(Photo: Screenshot / TruthSocial / Donald Trump)

(Photo: Screenshot / TruthSocial / Donald Trump)

Mr. Trump’s words look even more ominous in light of last week’s testimony from former White House Chief of Staff aide, Cassidy Hutchinson. Mark Meadows..

Hutchinson testified under Trump’s alleged oath Remove security screening For his supporters who were known to have had weapons before they marched to the Capitol. “”They are not here to hurt meAccording to Hutchinson, Trump said. However, the mob argued that former Vice President Mike Pence should be “hanged.” Congressmen are “dragged” down the streetWhen Attacked police officers violently..

As more harmful testimony becomes apparent, the Justice Department is more likely to prosecute Trump for crimes related to violent riots.

January 6 Panel Co-Chair Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) Said on Sunday that a special committee could make Multiple criminals Introducing the Ministry of Justice about playing cards. In last month’s poll, Nearly 6 out of 10 Americans The former president believes that he should be prosecuted for his actions related to the riots.

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