Japan defeats US 2-0 and wins softball gold with incredible DP

Yokohama, — Japan won two consecutive Olympic softball gold medals, defeated the United States 2-0 on Tuesday, and again wept Americans with a moving repetitive victory in Beijing in 2008. ..

Yukiko Ueno hit one hit in the sixth inning, five days after her 39th birthday, and Japan grabbed an American rally attempt in the sixth inning with an acrobatic double play.

Japan led 2-0 when Michelle Mortley led 20-year-old left-handed Miu Goto in 6th place.

Goto gave Haylie McCleney the first strikeout of the Olympics at a pitch of 69 mph and allowed Johnny Reed a single.

With two on and one out, Amanda Chidester put the rockets in third place. The ball bounced off the left wrist of third baseman Yu Yamamoto, bounced off shortstop Mana Atsumi who pushed out the glove with a backhand spear, and doubled the maltley by making a jump throw like Derek Jeter to second baseman Yuka Ichiguchi.

Reed caught a leap on the left wing wall and stole Yamato Fujita, a two-run home run, in the lower half.

Ueno (2–0) re-entered the side for the seventh time, fouling Valerie Arioto on the flyout, Ali Aguilar on the ground out, and Delaney Spalding on the catcher to start the celebration.

9th batter Atsumi hit infield hits in the 4th inning, and Fujita beat Monica Abbott’s RBI single 2-0 in the 5th inning.

Ueno improved to 9–1 in his Olympic career, enabling two hits, five hits and two walks. Reed tripled Eri Yamada’s glove and mid-sized wall, putting out one first. It was the closest thing the United States could score.

Tokyo olympic softball
Members of the US team will react after a softball match against Japan at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Yokohama on July 27, 2021. Japan won 2-0. (Matte Slow Cam / AP Photo)

Abbott was relieved the day before his 36th birthday, and 38-year-old U.S. starter Cat Osterman lost to Japan 3: 1 four,723 days ago in a violent upset 1,300 miles away. It was a holdover of. Osterman gave up the first two runs of the game, and Abbott gave up the last run.

Americans wore blue shirts and tights as opposed to 2008 red shirts and shorts, but the results were the same. In addition to the 1996, 2000 and 2004 victories, Japan won the second softball gold instead of the United States.

In front of the 34,046-seat Yokohama Stadium, second-placed Japan pushed the first earned run from the top-ranked Americans in a six-game tournament. The US attack splattered in the same way as the entire Olympics, hitting .216 with four extra-base hits in a total of nine runs.

Ueno teamed up with Goto with 3 hits, 2 hits, 5 hits, 6 innings and 2 hits.

Osterman, who retired with the goal of adding a gold medal to the medals he won in 2004, allowed two hits in two innings. With six right-handed batters approaching third, US coach Eriksen replaced the left-handed player with a 28-year-old right-handed Allison Carda (0–1).

Fujita lined up singles from Aguilar’s diving attempt in the 2nd inning, leading 4 times, was sacrificed in the 2nd, and became 3 in the cambacker.

Ichiguchi walked, and Eriksen headed for the mound when Atsumi arrived. With Carda as it was, Atsumi hit the slow 2 hopper in 2nd place and slipped ahead of Fujita’s scoring Aguilar’s throw.

Yamamoto became a single with 2 outs in the 5th inning, and after Abbott entered and wild pitched, Fujita lined up the single on the right and led 2-0.

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