Japan discusses conflict preparation on rare visit to Taiwan

As the autonomous island endured rising military pressure from Beijing’s communist regime, a high-ranking Japanese delegation visited Taiwan to discuss preparations for a potential conflict.

“We need to think ahead of time what the situation might be,” said Shigeru Ishiba, a member of parliament and former Minister of Defense. Said At a meeting with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on July 28, “What laws and agreements should be prepared after that, and what kind of troops can be hired to deal with the resulting problems?”

“We need to work together to reach an agreement on this, before it can happen,” Ishiba told the Presidential Office Building in Taipei.

Mr Ishiba led a bipartisan delegation of Japanese parliamentarians who arrived in Taiwan on July 27 for a four-day visit. The trip focused on discussing regional security, which Japanese lawmakers described as “rare.”

The trip has increased tensions throughout the Taiwan Strait as Beijing has increased military harassment around Taiwan by sending military aircraft to fly near the island on a regular basis for the past two years. It was done.

The Chinese government considers an autonomous island about 100 miles from the mainland to be its own territory that is forcibly deprived if necessary.

Following reports that Pelosi was planning a trip to Taiwan, the administration threatened “strong measures” against the United States and Taiwan.

The administration’s provocation also drew attention to neighboring Japan, which devoted considerable space to this year’s defense report to Taiwan.

Taiwan welcomes Japan’s visit

The visit of Japanese lawmakers was welcomed by Tsai, who expressed his hope of strengthening relations with Japan to maintain the security of the region.

“Protecting Taiwan is not just about protecting our own sovereignty,” Tsai said. “From a regional strategic security perspective, it is also about Taiwan’s position as an important line of defense on the first island chain.”

The first island chain, located east of mainland Asia, is a series of islands that stretch from the Japanese archipelago to Taiwan and Indonesia, and its access is essential for the world’s supply lines.

“We will continue to work with Japan and other democratic partners to jointly maintain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific,” said Tsai.

This group’s visit also includes a meeting between Taiwan’s President of the Executive Yuan Su Tseng-chang and a representative of the Taiwan Ministry of Defense.

Mr. Ishiba was accompanied by Mr. Yasukuni Hamada, Minister of Defense, and Mr. Akihisa Nakajima and Mr. Takayuki Shimizu, members of the Diet.

Mr Ishiba said Japan has a responsibility to the Indo-Pacific region to promote regional security, economic development and the rule of law.

“It’s not just at the level of thinking, it’s just the words that come out of the mouth,” he said. “Japan must take specific responsibilities in the Asian region.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Dorothy Lee


Dorothy Lee is a reporter for The Epoch Times, based in Europe.