Japan dismisses allegations from U.S. Embassy branch that police suspect “race profiling”


Japan’s Supreme Government spokesman argued against the U.S. Embassy’s allegations that Japanese police were blocking foreigners on “suspicion of racial profiling,” and police were suspicious based on nationality and race. He said he would not question anyone.

The US Citizen Services section of the US Embassy Alert On December 6, U.S. citizens were told on Twitter that some foreigners had been “detained, cross-examined, and searched” by Japanese police on “suspicion of a racial profiling case.” rice field.

It warned US citizens to “carry evidence of immigration and request notice to the consulate if detained.”

The alert was not posted on the embassy’s website, among other alerts. NS Latest alert The need for a COVID-19 test to travel to the United States was announced on December 3rd.

Japanese spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno commented on the U.S. Embassy’s Twitter alert and would not make a decision based on factors such as ethnicity or nationality if police felt the need to stop the suspected interrogation. I told reporters.

This warning follows Japan’s recent move to temporarily suspend new arrivals of all foreigners over the new Omicron variant, making it the second country after Israel.

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the move is to prevent the domestic “worst scenario” as researchers strive to better understand the risks posed by new mutations.

In addition, due to new regulations, Japanese and foreign residents who re-enter Japan from overseas where cases of the Omicron variant have been detected must be quarantined at designated facilities.

The country reported three cases of Omicron as of December 6, all of which had a history of traveling to high-risk countries. Japan immediately discovered the first case of Omicron the day after imposing a travel ban involving a Namibian diplomat who returned to Japan on November 28.

The second case detected was a man in his twenties traveling from Peru. Japan reported a third case of Omicron on December 6th. This involved a man in his thirties who went to Italy. No details regarding the patient’s nationality are provided.

Matsuno said on December 1st, “From a preventive point of view, we will not only restrict new entry of foreigners, but also restrict the return of foreigners with a status of residence, unless there are special circumstances to be taken into consideration.” Stated. We respond “quickly and flexibly” in various countries.

Japan is a country with a relatively homogeneous society in terms of ethnic composition, and there are not many foreigners or mixed-race Japanese.

We were unable to contact the US State Department immediately for comments regarding Twitter alerts.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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