Japan finds missing boat wreckage after an accident that killed 14 people

The hull of “Kazu I” (Japan) via the Japan Coast Guard / Reuters, where a tour boat disappeared in an accident that killed more than 14 people on a sightseeing trip in the sea area about 100 meters off the Shiretoko Peninsula in northern Hokkaido.

Tokyo — Japan was located on the hull of a pleasure ship off the North Coast on Friday, the Coast Guard said, six days after the ship disappeared in an accident that killed at least 14 people on a sightseeing trip.

The Coast Guard said the hull of “Kazu I” was found on the seabed at a depth of about 390 feet from an island in northern Hokkaido in the pitch-black waters shown in the images of the Maritime Self-Defense Force’s underwater camera.

The boat went missing on Saturday, hours after leaving for a tour of the peninsula, famous for its rugged coastal landscape and wildlife.

The 26 people on board included two children and two crew members. Coast Guard officials have told Reuters that 14 people have died and the rest have not been explained.

According to the Coast Guard, Russian guard ships said Wednesday afternoon that they had lost sight of someone in a life jacket drifting into the waters west of the Japanese island.

Kunashir Island, known in Russian as Kunashir Island, is one of four islands north of Hokkaido in the center of the territorial line between Hokkaido and Moscow after the Soviet Union occupied it at the end of World War II. is.