Japan Yahoo buys out the right to use the Yahoo trademark in Japan

Yahoo Japan

Yahoo Japan

Z Holdings, which owns Yahoo, Japan, today renewed its contract with Verizon Media, the parent company of Yahoo, to buy out Yahoo’s trademark rights and licensed technology for 178.5 billion yen. In the earliest days, Japan’s Yahoo was a joint venture between Yahoo and SoftBank of the United States in 1996. When Yahoo was sold to Verizon in 2017, Verizon bought Yahoo’s media department, and the part held by Alibaba outside the media became A new company called Altaba, Yahoo Japan’s equity in Yahoo America belongs to Altaba.

Altaba later sold all of its Yahoo Japan shares in 2018. Since then, Yahoo and Yahoo Japan have no direct relationship, but Yahoo Japan paid Verizon a license fee for the use of the trademark. Later, SoftBank, which holds Yahoo Japan, and Naver, which holds Line, reached an agreement in 2019 to establish a holding company Z Holdings with the goal of merging, integrating Line and Yahoo Japan, and completed the merger in March this year. Now that Verizon is preparing to sell its media businesses, including Yahoo, to investment company Apollo, Z Holdings takes this opportunity to directly buy out the original trademark licensing contract from Verizon Media, and also integrate the technologies used in the past through licensing. Obtained the right to permanent use.

In this way, Z Holdings has greater freedom in the use of Yahoo’s trademarks and technologies in Japan, and there will be more possibilities for business development in the future.

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