Japanese newscaster collapsed during the broadcast while Putin reported calling a Bucha massacre soldier

A Japanese newscaster collapsed during the broadcast while reporting on Russian President Vladimir Putin in honor of the soldier who oversaw the Bucha massacre.

Anchor on TV named Yumiko Matsuo can be seen holding tears while stopping for a moment in the virus. clip Posted on Reddit on Wednesday.

“She just showed a clip of the kids hiding in a bunker at the Mariupol Steelworks and overcame her emotions,” Reddit user / u / thefathermucker capped the post.

“Many civilians are still stuck in the bunker. I’m sorry, I’m sorry …” Matsuo said he would compose himself. “The Ukrainian War has entered a new stage …”

Matsuo reported on Putin’s honorary title of “security guard” given to the army who committed war crimes in the Bucha region of Ukraine. More than 300 corpses It was discovered.

Putin was named by Russia’s 64th Separation Motor Rifle Brigade.Great courage and courage“To” protect Russia’s sovereignty “in the letter signed on April 18.

“Through the subtle and bold actions during the special military operation in Ukraine, unit personnel have become role models in the performance of their military service, courage, dedication, and professionalism,” his statement said. read..

Many Reddit users praised Matsuo’s courage to sympathize with her overwhelming feelings towards the news report.

“It shows how deep this resonates at a deep level of the soul,” said one user. “We all feel right anger and want to protect each other.”

“It’s from someone in a culture who is very good at hiding emotions in public,” another user replied.

“I lived in Japan for 1.5 years when I was in college, but I’ve never seen a Japanese news announcer show any signs of emotion,” another user wrote. “I can’t believe how upset she must have been that she showed so much emotion on TV.”

Featured image via / u / thefathermucker

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