Japanese Prime Minister meets Biden on April 16 in US visit

Tokyo (AP) — Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will visit Washington on April 16 to meet with President Joe Biden, the government announced on Friday.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato told reporters that Mr. Suga would be the first foreign leader to meet Mr. Biden in person since taking office in January.

“In itself, it’s proof that the United States attaches great importance to Japan,” he said. It is also important to demonstrate the strength of the US-Japan alliance and the US commitment to involvement in the Indo-Pacific region. (asterisk)

Japan was keen to build close ties with the new US administration and wanted to schedule a visit to Kan in early April or earlier. Japanese media, including the Nikkei newspaper, said Kan’s trip was delayed at the request of Washington.

Prime Minister Kato said, “We are arranging (Prime Minister Suga’s visit) in the first half of April, but we will set it on April 16 with the aim of taking every possible measure for the success and preparation of the Prime Minister’s visit to the United States. “. ..

Tokyo strengthens the Japan-US alliance, which it considers to be the cornerstone of foreign and security policy, cooperates on how to treat China and North Korea, and (asterisk) how to promote a free and open joint vision of India. I want to discuss it. The “Pacific” to promote order based on regional rules. The fight against climate change and pandemics is also an important issue.

(Asterisk) Reaffirming coordination and cooperation between Japan and the United States (Asterisk) Mr. Kato said.


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