Japanese semiconductor company partners with Tata Motors of India for advanced chip solutions

Renesas Electronics, a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, has collaborated with Tata Motors and Tehas Networks of the Tata Group.

This partnership builds on a long-standing relationship as a technology and business partner.

Renesas has deep expertise in semiconductor technology and will partner with TML to accelerate the development of electric and connected cars.

Renesas and TML seek non-exclusive partnerships on emerging technologies such as ADAS.

Renesas is working with Tejas to implement next-generation radio network solutions, including the design and development of semiconductor solutions for radio units (RUs) used in 4G to 5G communication networks, and wireless access networks (O- RAN) will be opened.

Initially, the two companies aim to expand their footsteps in the global market by deploying products and solutions for India.

In addition, Renesas and the Tata Group company Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) will jointly establish a Joint System Solution Development Center in Bangalore.

The planned Innovation Center will focus on comprehensive system solutions for the IoT, infrastructure, industry and automotive segments.

The global semiconductor industry continues to fight a serious chip crisis due to supply chain constraints further destroyed by the pandemic.

As China’s COVID blockade disrupts the supply chain ecosystem and the pandemic brings the world online, companies procure chips to meet the growing demand for smartphones, PCs, laptops and other gadgets. Had a hard time. Automakers suffered because chip makers focused on smartphones and PC chips.

The United States, Europe, and Asian countries have agreed to subsidize chip plants to be self-sufficient in chip production.

Anusya Rahiri

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