Japanese YouTuber crying after eating durian for the first time in 2 years


YouTuberi ChangRM in Japan finally ate durian for the first time in two years and shed tears.

YouTuber couple iChang and Jimmy left Hong Kong after getting stuck in Hong Kong last month After March 2020 according to COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) Pandemic.they I moved to Malaysia Since then, I have lived in Southeast Asian countries.

In a recent video, a YouTuber couple was filmed eating all the food they missed while they were away, including iChang’s favorite fruit.

In a video posted on Monday, Jimmy explains that he had been to SS2 DurianHouseStall in Selangor, Malaysia, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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For the first time since 2020, they head to the food stalls to choose which Malaysian durian to eat. (Spoiler note: they chose Durian Kampong). Surprisingly, the cashier seems to be aware of the couple paying for the fruit.

“It’s been a while,” the man tells iChang after seeing Dorian’s wallet.

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Sitting at one of the tables, iChang finally begins to eat her favorite fruit. As YouTuber begins to cry, the reunion becomes emotional and you’ll notice in the on-screen text of the video that it’s “happy tears.”

“”Now I’m in Malaysia … finally, “says iChang.

In their videos, Jimmy says they are usually Musanking BlackthornBut this time, they went to a local favorite.

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On top of that, iChang explained that it used to be really noisy, but now it’s grateful to all kinds of durians.

Besides durian, for many years “”King of fruits“I Chang and Jimmy ate other popular Malaysian dishes such as nasi kandar, nasi lemak and satay.

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Featured image via iChang RM