Jared Kushner says he stopped Donald Trump from attacking Rupert Murdoch, according to new memoir

  • Jared Kushner said he stopped Donald Trump from attacking Rupert Murdoch after he criticized him in 2015.

  • Kushner claims to have persuaded a skeptical Murdoch to back Trump.

  • Murdoch-owned Fox News continued to play a key role in boosting Trump’s political rise.

Jared Kushner said he stepped in to stop Donald Trump from attacking media mogul Rupert Murdoch in 2015, reports his upcoming memoir.

In “Breaking History” the copy is guardian, Kusher said he was furious that Murdoch had criticized his father-in-law when he was running for the Republican primary.

“Trump called me. He clearly had enough. ‘This guy sucks. And I’m going to tweet it,'” Kushner wrote in the book, according to the paper.

“‘Please, you’re in the Republican primary,’ I said. I hope he’s not trying to post a negative tweet aimed at the most powerful person in the conservative media. Rupert. Correction.” Please give me a few hours.”

In his book, Kushner claims to have persuaded a skeptical Murdoch to stand by his stepfather, reports The Guardian, which eventually became a pivotal relationship.

Murdoch-owned Fox News played a key role in helping Trump rise from businessman and reality TV star to president.

When Trump first entered politics in 2015, Murdoch openly criticized him. Tweet: “When will Donald Trump stop humiliating his friends, let alone the entire country?”

Kushner wrote that he visited the media mogul in July 2015 after Trump was outraged. new york times A story about Murdoch’s hazy view of him.

“‘Rupert, I think he can win,’ I said as I sat in his office. ‘You guys agree on a lot of things. You want smaller government. You want lower taxes.’ You want a stronger border,'” Kushner wrote. .

Kushner said Murdoch was surprised that Trump was taking his candidacy seriously and called him the next day saying he might have “misjudged” the situation.

“I saw this, but maybe I misunderstood it. He actually has a real following. It looks like it could be a maker, Murdoch told Kushner, according to the book.

After Trump persuaded Murdoch that he wanted to be president, Kushner says there was a “truce for the time being.”

Screenshot of Tucker Carlson talking next to a close-up of Ted Cruz.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson.fox news

Despite continued reports of tensions between the two men over the years, Fox News continued to support Trump during his term.

But when Fox News became the first major news outlet to call Arizona for Joe Biden in the 2020 election, relations got tough.

previously reported Kushner called Murdoch on election night Questioning the move, the media mogul told him the numbers were “iron.”

Since losing the 2020 election, which Trump continues to deny, Fox News has started to distance itself From him, his coverage was often bypassed in favor of other Republicans.

Kushner’s memoir details his time as a senior adviser to President Trump and is set to be published on August 23.

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