Jeff Bezos’ new mega yacht is so big that the Dutch will have to disassemble the historic bridge to get it through

Koningshaven A barge anchored in a waterway near

Koningshaven Bridge in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP via Getty Images

  • Jeff Bezos’ new mega yacht is so big that it needs to be demolished to get through the historic bridge.

  • The bridge in Rotterdam, the Netherlands has a 131-foot gap, but the mast of the ship is too high.

  • The yacht is expected to be the largest and most luxurious sailing yacht in the world when completed.

Jeff Bezos’ new yacht is so big that it won’t go out to sea unless the Dutch city removes part of a historic bridge.

Reported by Dutch broadcaster Rijnmond On Tuesday, a 417-foot ship is currently being built in the city of Alblasserdam, the Netherlands. When you’re done, you’ll need to pass through Rotterdam, which is considered primarily the capital of Europe’s seas, to reach the sea, and perhaps Bezos.

There is only one problem. The mega yacht has three masts, and despite the clearance of 131 feet or more, the masts are too high to pass under the Koningshaven Bridge in Rotterdam.

The bridge, which locals call DeHef, is nearly 100 years old and no longer functions as a railroad crossing, but it is still a monument to the city. It was refurbished and restored in 2017. The city then promised it wouldn’t be disassembled again, Rijnmond reported.

But now the city is reportedly planning to remove the central part of the bridge to allow ships to pass through.

Francis van Heist, a spokesman for the municipality of Rotterdam, has confirmed to insiders that Rotterdam can grant the maritime department permission to carry ships into the sea.But Van Heist Told the Washington Post On Wednesday, the city will not bear the cost of dismantling and reassembling the bridge — shipbuilder Oceanco will bear the cost.

An Oceanco spokesperson did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

The existence of Bezos mega yachts First reported in the Bloodstone book last May, “Amazon Unbound”. The custom yacht, now only known as the Y721, is projected to cost $ 500 million and is “one of the best sailing yachts in existence,” Stone reported.

In addition to the mega yacht, the founder of Amazon, now worth $ 176 billion, is reported to have commissioned a second smaller “support yacht” that includes its own heliport.

During October Introducing new photos and videos Although it looked like a yacht departing from the Zwijndrecht shipyard in the Netherlands.The huge ship wasn’t completed yet, but the photo is Boat International When Daily mail Shown a ship with a black hull and multiple decks.

Boat International reports that the project will be completed in 2022 and will be the largest sailing yacht in the world.

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