Jeff Bezos says Joe Biden’s call to lower gas prices is either “a straight turn or a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics.”

Side-by-side close-up photos of Jeff Bezos and President Joe Biden

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Joe Biden president.Associated Press

  • Jeff Bezos questioned Joe Biden’s demand for lower gasoline prices.

  • The founders and presidents of Amazon have fought a war on the root cause of inflation.

  • Chinese officials praised Biden for recognizing that “capitalism is all about exploitation.”

Jeff Bezos calls on Joe Biden to lower gas prices Tweet..

The founders of Amazon responded to a tweet by the president warning gas sellers not to use the Ukrainian war to push prices up.

“My message to companies that run gas stations and price with pumps is simple. This is an era of war and global crisis.” Biden tweeted.. “Lower the price you are charging for your pump to reflect the cost you are paying for your product, and do it now.”

Bezos said in a quoted tweet by Biden:

Democrats are at odds with oil companies because of their close supply chain and rising fuel prices against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Gas prices average $ 4.81 per gallon compared to last year’s $ 3.12. According to AAA..

Congress recently Price reduction invoice To prevent companies from pushing up gas prices to maintain profit levels.Larry Summers told Bloomberg The movement was “dangerous.. “

Bezos’s comment is the latest in a feud about hyperinflation between pairs Return to MayMeanwhile, he accused disinformation of Biden’s blame for large corporations for rising prices.

While portraying Bezos’ anger, Biden’s tweet also won praise from China’s state media.

“We finally realized that capitalism was all about exploitation, and he never believed,” tweeted Chen Weiwa, a European reporter for the state-owned China Daily.

The White House recently 3 months petrol tax holiday To combat rising prices But that also hit the opposite Previously it was ridiculed as a “device” by Barack Obama.

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