Jeff Yang speaks out on Constance Wu’s ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ harassment claims


Author and CNN opinion columnist Jeff Yang discusses actor Constance Wu’s allegations that he experienced sexual harassment on the set of ABC’s hit series Fresh Off the Boat.

In a Twitter thread, Hudson Yang, whose son Hudson Yang played Eddie Huang on the American sitcom, expressed regret for not speaking out when Wu approached him with her allegations during the production of the show. did.

Yang initially distanced himself from Wu’s allegations on Sept. 24, tweeting: “I don’t want to talk about it. It’s not a place for me to comment and I have nothing to share.” Two days later, He explained that the original tweet was created to address a question he received. Wu’s new memoir, “make a scene”. He also said she has been reaching out to him since.

“She reminded me that I *DO* have something to share. “It was Season 5. We were in a makeup trailer. She was getting her face ready for a shoot and I was waiting for my son.” .”

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Yang asked why she didn’t bring her concerns to the executive producer when Wu brought them to his attention. Consistent with her recent allegations that an identified senior producer controlled her, told her what to wear, demanded she send selfies, and touched her inappropriately.

At that time, I didn’t know if I should take what she said seriously. I didn’t even know if I was going to hear it,” Yang continued. I could have urged her to talk about it.

“I have no part in what happened. I don’t even know the full allegations. So I can’t speak beyond this moment. I have urged them to listen to their opinions.”

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Yang ended the first thread by reflecting on his decision to remain silent, ultimately concluding that it was the wrong decision.

“I ask myself: Did she let her announcement out of respect and admiration for the person in question? Was it because I felt I didn’t have the right to speak up at ?In any case, I failed in that moment.

Wu replied to Yang’s thread with a correction, claiming that, as Yang originally wrote, it was before the #MeToo movement and approached him during the production of Season 2, not Season 5.

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“I have this bc proof that my witness wasn’t working on the show by s5. He retired,” wrote Wu. “Also, before Harvey Weinstein, before Trump, before I knew I could go to HR, I told you. I didn’t.”

Yang quickly corrected the mistake in a follow-up tweet, revealing that his mistake was the result of a “bad memory” and that Wu had clearly stated that he had been sexually harassed.

Wu thanked him for his correction, saying, “Yes, I have a witness to prove that it was season 2 that I told you.” and no one knew what to do in such a case.

Wu just recently back to social media After 3 years of hiatus online harassment She had an experience about the statement she made about the Season 6 renewal of ‘Fresh Off the Boat’. Despite the controversy, Wu tweeted that she still stands by the show:

“It’s a great family show. I was harassed behind the scenes for the first two years, but I’m still proud of everyone’s work and think it’s a great show.”

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