Jeffrey Epstein funded the “Scholarship Lodge,” where he visited teenage summer camps and boarding school campuses.

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

Defendant lawyer Laura Meninger, in a court sketch in New York City, USA, on December 1, 2021, witnessed “Jane” during the trial of Jeffrey Epstein’s companion Ghislaine Maxwell, who was accused of sexual trafficking. Ask a question.Reuters / Jane Rosenberg

  • Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell paid to stay at a lodge on the campus of a teenage summer camp.

  • Court records at Maxwell’s Sex Trafficking Trial on Wednesday detail the relationship between Epstein and Interlochen.

  • Whistleblowers say Epstein and Maxwell have sexually abused her for years since she was 14 years old after she first met her in the camp in 1994.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell fund buildings on the campus of a prestigious performing arts summer camp and boarding school based in Michigan, according to records shown in Maxwell’s Sex Trafficking Trial on Wednesday. And visited.

Records show that Maxwell and Epstein stayed at least once at a lodge called the Jeffrey Epstein Scholarship Lodge at the Interlochen Arts Center on the outskirts of Traverse City, Michigan. Interlochen is a sleepy “bandcamp” for junior high and high school students and boarding schools.

On Wednesday, prosecutors sought to strengthen using records and testimony from one of the center’s managers, Daniel Besselsen. Testimony from “Jane” One of Maxwell and Epstein’s whistleblowers who testified under a pseudonym. Jane began to testify on Tuesday Completed early on Wednesday afternoon..

She testified that Epstein and Maxwell approached her in the summer of 1994, when she was 14, between music classes at the Interlochen camp. When Epstein learned that Jane lived in Palm Beach, she testified that she asked for her mother’s phone number, as he did.

It was the beginning of a relationship Epstein and Maxwell groomed her for sex and repeatedly sexually abused her for at least the next 50 years., Jane testified this week.

The prosecutor Blame Maxwell Sex trafficking girls with Epstein, sexually abusing themselves and lying about her actions in testimony records. Maxwell pleaded not guilty to the accusations against her and denied all accusations of misconduct.

Epstein and Maxwell jointly paid $ 200,000 to build the lodge, records show

On Wednesday, the prosecutor presented an exhibit consisting of letters from the administrator of the Interlochen Center for the Arts. They detailed how Epstein and Maxwell donated $ 200,000 to a rustic two-bedroom building and stayed there for a week in August 1994.

Jeffrey Epstein Scholarship Lodge was renamed Green Lake Lodge in 2007 after Epstein was arrested for child pornography. It was rented out by the student’s parents and other guests and could be spent on the center campus.

Records set in court also confirmed that Jane attended the camp in 1994 and in the next two summers. Jane testified that Epstein paid for camp tuition in 1995 and 1996, when the family was in a difficult economic situation. According to Besselsen’s testimony, two of Jane’s brothers were also attending an Interlochen boarding school at that time.

Epstein attended the camp himself in the 1960s, and his peers say he was passionate about classical music throughout his life.

Financing notes Previously acquired by The Daily Beast Epstein Lodge was completed in 1994 and is said to be near where the “Junior Girl” lived.

Jane crying Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

Witness “Jane” testified in a court sketch in New York City, USA, on December 1, 2021, under a cross-examination during the trial of Jeffrey Epstein’s companion Ghislaine Maxwell, who was accused of sexual trafficking. I cry when I’m there.Reuters / Jane Rosenberg

Following the crime of sexual trafficking against Interlochen president Epstein in 2019 Trey Devey acknowledges Epstein’s relationship with Interlochen.. Devey said that Interlochen had no records of Epstein’s visits, except for his one-time stay in 2000, but records shown at the trial indicate that he stayed there in 1994. ing.

Pilot Lawrence Bisoski, who flew Epstein’s private jet between 1991 and 2019, testified early in the trial that he had flew Epstein several times on his trip to Interlochen.

Devey’s note admitting the relationship between Epstein and Interlochen No longer available on your organization’s website..according to Archive version of the memoDevey said that Interlochen “has no record of complaints filed against Mr. Epstein at Interlochen.”

Interlochen representatives did not immediately respond to insider comment requests. Epstein committed suicide in prison in August 2019 while awaiting a trial on sexual trafficking charges.

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