Jeffrey Epstein gave Bill Gates advice on how to end a “toxic” marriage, sources say.

Photo Illustration / Photo Getty by The Daily Beast

Photo Illustration / Photo Getty by The Daily Beast

Single sex offender Jeffrey Epstein Gave Bill Gates Advice on ending the marriage with Melinda after Microsoft co-founders complained about her during a series of meetings at Money Manager’s mansion, according to two people familiar with the situation.

Gates used a gathering at Epstein’s $ 77 Million New York Townhouse As an escape from what Epstein said was a “toxic” marriage, a topic that both men felt humorous, the person attending the meeting told The Daily Beast.

Billionaires met Epstein dozens of times from 2011 to 2014, mainly at the homes of financial firm Manhattan. This is significantly higher than previously reported.Their conversation took place many years ago Bill & Melinda Gates announced this month that they are split..

Gates urged Epstein to regain his image in the media after being accused of soliciting minor prostitution in 2008, and discussed Epstein’s involvement in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Those familiar with the matter said Gates found freedom in Epstein’s hideout. There he met a revolving cast with a bold name and discussed worldly issues during the joke and gossip rounds. It’s a “men’s club” atmosphere that has annoyed Melinda.

“”[It’s] It’s not an exaggeration. Going to Jeffreys was a rest from his marriage. It was a way to escape Melinda, “added one of the people who attended several meetings, adding that Epstein and Gates were” very close. “

Bill’s representative told The Daily Beast: Similarly, the allegation that Gates spoke in a derogatory way about his marriage and Melinda is false. Melinda’s representative did not respond to a request for comment on this report.

As the Daily Beast reported exclusively, Melinda Gates was furious The relationship between Bill and Epstein was postponed by a creepy financier when he met him in September 2013 after the couple received an award at a hotel in New York City. Melinda’s anger eventually led to the end of the friendship between Bill and Epstein, as those familiar with the matter said.

The Wall Street Journal The recently reported Melinda Gates consulted with a divorce lawyer in October 2019. clearly Bill met Epstein, who committed suicide in prison many times in the past.

Melinda Gates warns Bill about Jeffrey Epstein

On May 3, the powerful couple announced that they would end their 27-year marriage. In part of that statement, it says: As we begin our next life, we seek space and privacy for our families. In a petition for divorce, Melinda said her marriage was “irreparably broken,” indicating that the couple had settled on a plan to split their enormous assets outside the courtroom.

last week, New York post Gates reported to his golf buddies that he had been “finished for a while” and had a “loveless” marriage. Man Epstein described it as a “painful place” in a marital relationship.

But Epstein wasn’t the only issue for the couple.

on Sunday, New York Times Gates reportedly advanced the woman who worked for Microsoft and his foundation while he was married to Melinda.

The· journal follow up With your own reportGates revealed that he had resigned from Microsoft’s board of directors in 2020 in a previous internal investigation into alleged sexual relations with company engineers in late 2019.Include journalHe added that his departure from the board had nothing to do with the relationship. )

People near Bill Gates told The Daily Beast that the deterioration of their relationship could be seen in Bill and Melinda’s body language. “Being around them was like arriving at the summit,” added one of Bill’s friends.

“It wasn’t like arriving at dinner with a couple or something. It was like two heads of state,” a friend added. “That’s why Epstein may have been a factor. [in their split], But that was it Include factor? I basically don’t believe it. “

A friend said the couple’s tightly controlled presence, as it replaced the more normal life and contempt that billionaire philanthropists enjoyed in their youth. “Bill isn’t much more comfortable going out into the world,” he said. “It was very rare for Bill to be allowed to do the usual things. I think he was really anxious.”

For Bill, such “ordinary” things involved having dinner at Epstein’s house and meeting new people.

“Bill was embarrassed by the attention that his aides would have brought,” he said. “His aides were safe, and he never looked comfortable with it. In Melinda’s case,” the Queen arrived “was very arrogant. “

Here’s what the federal government found at Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan Mansion:

Gates may have visited Epstein, he said. “I enjoy talking, coming up with ideas, and basically discussing with people,” Gates said. “He can be a really brutal person.”

“He’s never been better than getting together to discuss people, give lectures, and tell everyone what he’s doing with polio vaccine. He’s with other people I’ve ever met. Unlike, they have the ability to lecture at people’s tables without stopping for an hour.

“Anyone who gives him a performance stage and says,’Bill, talk about your passion,’ it will be something he enjoys.”

Still, the person was surprised at the couple Divorce announcement Earlier this month: “I thought they would have miserable each other for the rest of their lives.”

Meanwhile, a former Gates Foundation employee told The Daily Beast that Gates would like to benefit from a good connection with Epstein’s experts. “In my understanding, he wasn’t dating Epstein to get a woman,” the employee said.

“Bill isn’t obedient to anyone telling him what he should or shouldn’t do,” he added. “If someone says,’I don’t think you should hang out. [Epstein], “It would have been Melinda.”

A former employee said Bill and Melinda were far apart more than a decade ago and seemed to live separate lives. “This has been going on for a long time,” sources said, adding that Melinda was “bitter” and “he didn’t have it.”

“Their body language when they came together was like Melania and Donald.” Don’t hold your hand and get on the other side of the table, “he said. Refer to the report of Former first lady Apparently Pull her hand From then-President Trump, who appeared publicly for many years.

Melinda Gates was called a divorce lawyer in 2019 after the Epstein report: WSJ

According to a former employee, Melinda “did not think she was the equivalent of Bill,” so she seemed to have a tip on her shoulder, and her work didn’t get the media attention. “People’s more interest in Bill really annoyed her,” they said.

Another ex-employee told The Daily Beast that Epstein’s previous relationship with Gates could damage his reputation in 2017 (three years after he was told that his male friendship had collapsed). Later) But he said it was a topic of conversation between staff.

“When working at the Foundation, every job in your life is to protect, maintain and build the reputation of Bill & Melinda Gates,” he said. “I think that’s why it’s still coming out.”

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