Jeffrey Epstein threatened to give the crocodile a sexually trafficked woman if she was speaking, the new proceedings say

Ghislaine Maxwell Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2005. Joe Schildhorn / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

  • Jeffrey Epstein told whistleblowers that he would feed the crocodile if he spoke to the authorities, the new proceedings said.

  • The proceedings allege that Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell sexually trafficked women for several months in 2008.

  • According to the proceedings, Epstein also forced the woman to sit down for a failed operation.

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In a new proceeding, Jeffrey Epstein raped and sexually abused a woman who threatened to feed the crocodile, and alleged that her 8-year-old son was deported if he shared his experience with someone.

Epstein and his companion Ghislaine Maxwell raped and abused her in a mansion in Palm Beach, Florida in 2008, and the name remains sealed. According to a lawsuit considered by an insider.. She was 26 at the time, but was told to tell people that she was 17.

According to the proceedings, Epstein used his reputation as a connected millionaire to sexually traffick women to other powerful people, including one identified as a woman as a local judge. And secured her silence by promoting her relationship with the FBI and ICE.

The proceedings were filed on March 22, First reported on Tuesday by Julie K. Brown in the Miami Herald.. Darren K. Indike and Richard D. Khan have been nominated as defendants.

The two men are in charge of managing Epstein’s property, Paid tens of millions of dollars to the accuser..Prosecutor of the Justice Department in the U.S. Virgin Islands Indike and Khan also prosecutedClaims that they participated in Epstein’s sexual trafficking program.

Epstein was found guilty of sex crimes in Florida court in 2008 and was put in jail for only one year under supervision. A federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York re-indicted him for a wider range of sex trafficking crimes in 2019, but he committed suicide in prison prior to the trial.

Prosecutors arrested Maxwell in 2020, claiming she had participated in Epstein’s sex trafficking program and lied about it in a testimony record. on Monday, The prosecutor filed a replacement indictment against herShe said her sexual trafficking work lasted longer than previously claimed and involved more victims.

Indike and Kahn representatives did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment. In a previous statement shared with insiders, they denied participation in the alleged illegal activity against Epstein.

“She will reach this body of water and be devoured by a crocodile.”

According to a new proceeding, Maxwell recruited an unnamed woman for a job interview at Epstein’s Palm Beach home in early 2008. Epstein raped her and forced her to accept $ 200 in “compensation,” the proceedings said.

When the whistleblower said he would call the police, Maxwell appeared to have called the police himself, according to the proceedings.

“Shortly thereafter, two individuals claiming to be police officers arrived, arresting the plaintiff and threatening to prosecute him for prostitution,” the proceedings said. “They also threatened to take her little son away and deported the plaintiff and / or her son.”

Jeffrey Epstein Palm Beach

Jeffrey Epstein’s waterfront Palm Beach home is on the edge of a gateless street lined with palm trees called the El Bulli Lowway. Emily Micot / Miami Herald / Tribunnews Service via Getty Images

Shortly thereafter, Epstein and Maxwell threatened her by taking the woman and son to “a large body of water infested with crocodiles,” according to the proceedings.

“Then Epstein guided the plaintiff to the body of water, telling her in clear detail that she would reach the body of water and be eaten up by the crocodile, as it happened to other girls in the past. Epstein told her. “I did,” the lawsuit said, adding a woman who was worried that Epstein would track down the threat until she learned that Epstein had died.

Epstein and Maxwell then allegedly forced women to rape and sexually assault from other men for the next five months.

Jeffrey Epstein Seated Photo

Jeffrey Epstein in Cambridge in 2004. Rick Friedman / Corbis via Getty Images

Epstein forced a woman to have vaginal surgery and hid his electronics from authorities, the proceedings say

In May 2008, according to a lawsuit, Epstein performed “unnecessary and unnecessary vagina” “for the ostensible purpose of tightening the vagina and giving the false impression of being the virgin of a” well-known “client.” He said he forced “surgery”.

The proceedings state that the proceedings failed, cutting the whistleblower and leaving him disabled.

According to the proceedings, Epstein also forced the whistleblower to hide some of his secrets. In April 2008, prior to Epstein’s judicial transaction against another sex crime, before Maxwell picked it up from her a month later, he said, “The property was locked to Epstein’s alleged possession. He forced the plaintiff to keep the box in her house. “

The lawsuit said Epstein forced the woman to hold “burner phones, wires, and other electronics that Epstein was trying to hide from law enforcement disclosures.”

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