Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she had to accidentally inhale a magnetic nose piercing and exhale it in front of Leonardo DiCaprio during the “Don’t Look Up” shoot.

Jennifer Lawrence with red hair

Jennifer Lawrence in “Don’t Look Up”.Netflix

  • Jennifer Lawrence says she spit out magnetic nose piercings in front of Leonardo DiCaprio on the “Don’t Look Up” set.

  • “In many cases I had to accidentally suck in and spit out the magnet,” she said.

  • The actress wore a wig and double nose piercings and transformed for her role.

Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she had to spit out fake nose piercings in front of Leonardo DiCaprio during the filming of “Don’t Look Up.”

Lawrence, who wore a reddish-brown wig and a double nose ring for her role in the movie, Interview with Vanity Fair One of the fake earrings was a recurring problem.

“Nose piercings … one is just a kind of hanging; one is a magnet,” she told Vanity Fair. “And many times I had to accidentally suck in the magnet and spit it out in front of Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Lawrence plays an astronomer trying to warn the planet of the imminent ruin in the movie. The movie was a hit in some theaters on December 10th and will be streamed on Netflix on December 24th.

In addition to Lawrence and DiCaprio, the film features many other stars, including Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, and Ariana Grande.

Earlier this year, Lawrence Injured reportedly During the shooting of “Don’t Look Up” after the debris flew everywhere due to the controlled explosion in the set.

according to Report at The Boston GlobeDuring the explosion, debris can collide through the window and debris can hit Lawrence, who covered his face during the impact.

Shooting was interrupted for a day after Lawrence’s injury (reportedly happening in or near her eyes), although the stars were expected to recover, One source told Boston’s ABC affiliate WCVB..

Film director and screenwriter Adam McKay is known for directing Will Ferrell comedy films such as “Anchor Man,” “Step Brothers,” and “Talladega Nights.” McKay previously told insider Jason Gerasio that “don’t look up” is a comedy. This follows two astronomers trying to warn the world that a giant meteorite will destroy the Earth in six months.

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