Jenny Piro accuses Biden of protesting who seems to forget who was president in 2020

Fox News’ Jenny Piro Apparently, we need a review of who ran the country in 2020.

During the segment on Tuesday’s decision by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada Call emergency power supply To quell the anti-vaccine movement in Ottawa, Piro seized Trudeau to “listen” to US President Joe Biden.

“Biden has the last word about what you should do if someone is peacefully protesting. In the summer of 2020, people will burn down streets and businesses, causing problems of all kinds. Biden, the same man who decided to allow that, “she said.

Biden was a citizen in 2020. That summer, Donald Trump was president when the killings of George Floyd and other black men and women police spurred national protests against racial injustice.

Despite Piro’s allegations, they caused “problems of all kinds”, but protested against police violence and racism. It was overwhelmingly peacefulAccording to Harvard research, but Riot and fire Occurred in several cities after police and demonstrators clashed.

Biden and Trudeau I talked on the phone on friday The blockade of anti-mandate protesters at major bridges and border crossings between the United States and Canada, which severely disrupted trade, travel and production lines between the two countries.

In a statement from the White House, Biden said, “We are concerned that U.S. companies and workers are experiencing serious consequences such as slowing production, shortening working hours and closing factories. I have stated. “

Trudeau has given the government broad authority to restore order this week, including enacting an emergency law and freezing bank accounts for those who support protesters.

The self-proclaimed “Freedom Convoy” group first blocked the road in late January to protest truck drivers’ vaccination obligations, but subsequently other health aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19. The demo against the limit has expanded.

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