Jesse Jackson moves to ICU’s wife, Rehab Hospital, for COVID


Chicago (AP) —Family statement said Rev. Jesse Jackson was treated for a groundbreaking COVID-19 infection and then transferred to a hospital focused on physical rehabilitation, with his wife Jesse Lunk. Moved to the intensive care unit. Released on Friday.

Jonathan Jackson, one of the couple’s five children, said his father’s COVID-19 symptoms were relieving.

Jackson has Parkinson’s disease Jonathan Jackson said he would receive “intensive occupational therapy and physiotherapy” at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago.

According to Jonathan Jackson, Jonathan Jackson does not use a ventilator, but oxygen is increasing in the ICU at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

“Both of our parents continue to receive good medical care,” he said. “We know this is a serious illness, so we encourage you to continue to protect them in prayer.”

Jesse Jackson is 79 years old and Jesse Lunk is 77 years old. They were admitted to the hospital on Saturday.

Jackson, a well-known civil rights leader and former presidential candidate, has been vaccinated against the virus. He received his first dose during a public event that encouraged others to be vaccinated.

Jackson Told the Associated Press on Tuesday Jacqueline, a civil rights activist, has not been vaccinated. He said he was not vaccinated because his wife had an “existing condition” that she was worried about. He didn’t elaborate.

In general, public health experts strongly recommend that people with existing health conditions, such as cancer and diabetes, be vaccinated because of the high risk of serious illness.

The family states that Jackson was hospitalized because of his age and that both responded positively to treatment. They have been married for nearly 60 years.