Jessica Lunions’ mother remembers a panic when her daughter went missing

Jamie Lunions told the jury that the longest seven months of her life began on September 9, 2016, when her daughter went missing.

Jessica Lunions’ mother on Thursday Two counts of first-class murder With the death of Runions (21 years old) and Kara Kopetsky (17 years old).

That day, Jamie Lunions was scheduled to see a doctor with her daughter. When she went to Jessica Lunion’s house in Kansas City, her car wasn’t there and her phone went directly to voicemail.

“This wasn’t like her,” Jamie Lunions recalled how she began to panic.

She submitted reports of the missing person to Kansas City Police and Berton Police. Family and community members have started the search.

In the weeks and months that followed, Jamie Lunions became friends with Kara Kopetsky’s mother, Brenda Beckford. Kopetsky disappeared in May 2007.

In April 2017, Beckford called Jamie Lunions and said her Kopetsky was found with Jessica Lunions.

Justo had a connection with Kopetsky and Jessica Lunions, but their incident remained a long-standing mystery in the Kansas City area until mushroom hunting remained in the woodlands south of Berton.

Just was charged six months later.

Opening statement Presented on Monday, Beckford First witness to stand up Tuesday.

Earlier Thursday, the jury heard an eavesdropped conversation about Kopetsky. There, Just said, “f —— I killed her.” The recording was captured in 2011 after the FBI asked Justin’s ex-girlfriend Caitlin Farris to assist in the investigation.

Just’s defense team questioned the integrity of the investigation.

Last year, Justo’s lawyer said police were unable to fully investigate another suspect and claimed that Kansas City police officers had sex with witnesses. His lawyer, Sharon Turlington, said Just was innocent. She said there was no physical evidence linking him to the murder.

The trial is expected to take three weeks in Cass County.