Jewish scientists, doctors around the world publish Justin Trudeau open letter in protest in Canada

How he talks about a Canadian protester who is demonstrating against the obligations of COVID-19 by issuing an open letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday by a group of 23 Jewish scientists, doctors and scholars. He said he was “deeply concerned” about what he had explained to him. Restrictions after late January.

Michael Levitt, a professor of biophysics at Stanford University, one of the authors of the letter, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2013 for one-third. twitter..

“We have been following the news about the Freedom Convoy 2022 protest in Canada over the last few weeks …. Instead of constructive dialogue with the protesters, we have called the protesters” Nazi sympathizers. ” I mourned and witnessed the adoption of the associative smear campaign, described as “racist” and “anti-Semitic.” In their letter.

“The last case was your claim on February 16 that a Jewish member of the Conservatives was’standing with the swastikas’,” they added.

Trudeau commented in parliament during the question period during discussions on the blockade in Ottawa and the state of emergency on February 14. Trudeau has issued the first state of emergency since it was enacted in 1988.

Melissa Lantzman, a conservative member of the Chamber of Commerce Thornhill, said that Trudeau described the protesters as “very often misogynistic and racist” and “flame an unjust national emergency.” I told the Chamber of Commerce. “Science denial”, “fringe”.

Then she asked, “So, Mr. Speaker, when did the Prime Minister get lost? When did it happen?”

Trudeau said, “Conservative members can stand with those who wave the swastika. They can stand with those who wave the flag of the South Army.

“We choose to stand with Canadians who can get their work done and deserve to regain their lives. These illegal protests need to be stopped, so Will do. “

Speaker of the House, Anthony Rota, followed up in the meeting room, “I want to remind honorable members, including your Excellency, to use non-inflammatory words in the House.” But Trudeau did not withdraw his comment.

Lantzmann, a descendant of Holocaust survivors, Said on twitter Trudeau mistakenly accused her of standing with Swastika. “It’s a shameful statement for anyone in public office. He has an obligation to apologize to me,” she writes.

In a letter on Friday, a Jewish group of scientists, doctors and scholars expressed dissatisfaction with Trudeau’s recent rhetoric.

“We, a non-political group of Jewish Israeli medical doctors, doctors, researchers, and legal scholars, some of our 2nd or 3rd generation Holocaust survivors, as Nazi idealist supporters. Free Convoy 2022 I am deeply concerned about your attempt to blame the protesters. “

“The important battle against anti-Semitism should not be weaponized, but is legal with the aim of returning fundamental freedoms to what was, not long ago, one of the freest nations in the world. Should not be directed to public protests. “

The Epoch Times contacted Trudeau’s office for comment on the letter.

Trudeau late Friday I wrote on Twitter“Illegal blockades and occupations have threatened businesses, endangered jobs and disrupted communities for three weeks. This week, to restore public order and morals and protect Canadians in response to changing circumstances. Our government has enacted an emergency law. “

“We make sure cities, states, and federal authorities have the necessary resources, do whatever it takes to keep people safe and manage the situation, and your rights. And make sure freedom is protected. “He added. “That is our top priority.”

Protesters expressed discomfort with Trudeau’s recent comments that described them as racist or hateful, the Epoch Times previously reported. Trudeau previously stated that protesters have “unacceptable views” and are “fringe minorities” in favor of conspiracy theories.

Parliamentary Hill protesters most often raise the Canadian flag. Some images were distributed on social media showing the Nazi symbol on the flag, but other videos on social media show protesters telling people with disgusting signs to leave. I did.

Some local reports also state that those who oppose vaccination obligations liken Canada’s obligations to the Nazi persecution of Jews.

The protest began in late January as a sign of rebellion. Truck drivers opposed the Government of Canada’s vaccination obligation, which began on January 15 for truck drivers who frequently cross the US-Canada border. Since then, it has evolved into a major movement involving people from all over Canada to oppose various COVID-19 obligations and restrictions.

On January 29, a convoy of vehicles arrived in Ottawa, many stayed in the city, and trucks and other vehicles were parked in the Capitol. Since then, different protesters have been set up in different parts of Canada.

Trudeau said he would not meet the protesters early in the protest. He said he would not go near demonstrations that expressed contempt for science as well as rhetoric of hatred, violence against fellow citizens, and science.

Following the enforcement of the emergency law, two major organizers of the Free Convoy protest, Chris Barber and Tamara Rich, were arrested in Ottawa on Thursday. Ottawa’s interim police chief warned on the same day that the action to dismiss the Freedom Convoy demonstrators was “imminent.”

Rich said at a press conference on February 14, protesters “maintain peace,” despite the government’s use of the law.

Despite the arrest, many protesters still remain in Ottawa. In early February, Rich said protesters would not leave until the government lifted COVID-19 obligations.

“We do not come here to cause offensive or hateful or violent,” she told The Epoch Times. “We will stay there as long as it takes. We will not leave until Canada is released.”

Rahul Vaidyanath contributed to this report.

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