Jim Acosta of CNN has a case tip for Governor DeSantis’ voting police: “Coup” plot in Marago

CNN host Jim Acosta I was appointed to the Florida Government on Saturday. Ron DeSantis“Controversial plan to establish the country’s first electoral police with hints of the first case:” coup “plan Donald TrumpFlorida Golf Resort Marlago.

“Yes, Officer Ron, I want to report the riot!” Acosta grinned.

With no evidence of significant fraudulent voting, the Republican governor warned advocates of his plans to create a $ 5.7 million security force to crack down on voting. If approved, a 52-member team will investigate, detect, arrest, and arrest anyone on suspicion of violating election law.

“They don’t have many safeguards to prevent this. Politicalized and weaponizedBrad Ashwell, Florida director of voting group All Voting is Local, warned CNN earlier this week.

Acosta agreed, in particular, because the worst threat to voting rights came from DeSantis’ own party.

“If Ron DeSantis wants to make good use of his election police, he may consider sending them to Mar-a-Lago,” Acosta said. “I just ask a few questions about the coup plot. Yes, Officer Ron, I would like to report the riot — the riot on January 6th.”

Acosta further suggested that DeSantis might want to check out Trump’s allies. Rudy Giuliani, Reportedly Fake slate of Republican voters Trump lost in the state.

Acosta also blamed Republicans (and Democrats Sen). Joe Manchin West Virginia and Sen. Kyrsten Cinema Arizona) For the abolition of the Voting Rights Act.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) Later, especially because the Republicans were given a move to make voting more difficult, they avoided asking questions about the ongoing threat to voters’ voting rights. McConnell argued that “African-American voters vote as high as Americans.”

After an explosive blowback, McConnell said on Friday:Miss pork“He claimed he intended to say,” at the same high rate. ” all American. He also condemned criticism of what he actually said.Harmful and aggressive.. “

Check out Acosta’s views on American voting rights in the video clip above. He gives DeSantis his first tip for his planned election police at 5:25.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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