Jim Jordan does not cooperate with the January 6 panel investigating the Capitol riots

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said on Sunday that he would not cooperate with the January 6 selection committee under investigation. U.S. Capitol Riot..

Important reason: Both lawmakers, who were asked for information by the Commission, refused to submit documents or voluntarily interview, forcing nine lawmakers to decide whether to summon a colleague.

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  • Rep. Scott Perry (Republican) last month Called the committee “illegitimate” After they requested a document and an interview about his communication with the White House and his role in installing former DOJ employee Jeffrey Clark.

  • The panel has already summoned dozens of former Trump administration officials, the organizers of the January 6 rally, and others involved in the riots, but the subpoenas of lawmakers are a darker legal territory.

  • A spokesperson for the Commission said in a statement in an email on Sunday that Jordan had previously told the panel to cooperate with the investigation.

Notable points: A spokeswoman said the panel “will respond in more detail in the coming days and consider the appropriate next steps” in Jordan’s letter.

  • Chairman Bennie Thompson (Democratic Party) said of NBC’s “Meet the Press“Last week, the Panel is investigating whether it has legal authority over the members of the subpoena.

  • If possible, “there will be no resistance on our part,” he added.

What they are saying: Jordan Letter to Thompson..

  • He called the request “unprecedented and inappropriate” because he was performing “public servants” as a member of parliament when he contacted the White House during the preparatory period until January 6.

  • “Your attempt to break open the deliberative process of informing members about legislative issues before the House of Representatives is exorbitant abuse,” he wrote.

  • Jordan also said he was “not sure that the selection committee would represent the information fairly or accurately,” accusing them of being “partisan,” and so far only Republicans have been searched. Said that.

Big picture: panel I wrote a letter to Jordan last month, Ask him for an interview about him Communication with former President Trump Regarding riots.

  • Thompson said he would like to discuss Jordan’s phone call with Trump during the attack and “overturning the 2020 election results” with White House officials in December and January.

  • Mr Thompson said the Commission was also interested in “discussion on all aspects of January 6 or the possibility of a presidential amnesty to individuals involved in the January 6 plan.”

Read the letter completely, Via Document Cloud:

Deeper… Kinzinger: January 6th Panel Collected “Powerful and Substantial Stories”

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with new details throughout.

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