Jim Jordan’s “Remember” tweet leads to some bitter reminders about himself

manager Jim jordan I posted a “don’t forget” message on Twitter on Monday, but many of the replies were about what he probably didn’t remember.

As the Senate Confirmation hearing has started For Supreme Court candidates Ketangi Brown JacksonJordan tweeted:

Kavanaugh’s Tensioned 2018 Hearing It contained questions about accusations that he had sexually assaulted a woman decades ago. He got angry and denied his claim, Confirmed With 50-48 votes. since then, FBI background check for Kavanaugh..

Jordan Tweet Made his name a trend On Twitter, he urged many unforgettable reminders from his critics.Some reminded Jordan about his own memory problems, especially his memory problems. Shift story Whether he spoke with former President Donald Trump on the day of the assault on the US Capitol on January 6.

Others reminded him of his time at Ohio State University, where he served as an assistant wrestling coach, and was later accused. Ignore allegations of sexual abuse About the team doctor.Jordan denied those accusations, but some athletes Get ahead to support the story:

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