Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers brilliantly audit Matt Gaetz’s Venmo receipt

One in five Americans take the COVID-19 vaccine, even though Americans want to put all sorts of junk into their bodies and take whatever they are free to provide. I’m saying I won’t inoculate. Kimmel Live.. Dr. Anthony Fauci said, “You must be hitting your head against the wall. Dr. Forch appeared today in front of a parliamentary subcommittee on COVID-19 and was forced. Endure relentless stupidity A photo of a shaved ape named Jim Jordan, Ohio, who shouted that American freedom was assaulted by public health measures. Wrestlers when you were a coach at Ohio State University, “Kimmel said. It I did not notice”

“In the meantime, there are new details in the silly story of future former Florida legislator Matt Gaetz,” Kimmel said. “Yesterday we learned it Gates participated in more wild house parties From Kid’n Play in the 90’s.There was reportedly drug and sex at these parties where there were women Given gifts and money Many were paid through Venmo in exchange for their “participation”. “

The accused mastermind, Joel Greenberg, has paid the young woman at least 150 times. At least 16 to future Gates girlfriends“Of course, we know about all this because stupid Joel Greenberg published his Venmo deal, and so did Matt Gaetz. They don’t check the privacy box. What was the opposition of the criminal mastermind? “

“Gates is facing an intensifying investigation. Authorities confiscated his phone Last winter, “Seth Meyers said Midnight“I’m not a lawyer, but it’s not good for them to seize your phone. No one is happy to have their phone seized,” he joked. “If you violate the law, it’s quite likely that your cell phone has evidence of it, especially because Gates violated the law. Reportedly Use CashApp and Venmo to pay the indicted companion. “

According to Myers, he’s also looking into these parties, which are supposed to be hosted by Gates, Greenberg, and their Republican friends. “As you know, my grandmother said nothing would happen after midnight. The same is true for giving up a phone call at a gated community party in the suburbs of Orlando.”

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