Jimmy Kimmel calls on a “cowardly” Republican by name in a caching opener

Jimmy Kimmel Started his show on Wednesday without an audience, Mass shootings in elementary school In Yuvalde, Texas, 19 children and 2 teachers have died.

According to Kimmel, most Americans support common-sense gun control, but “cowardly leaders don’t listen to us because they’re listening to NRA.” The law was at a standstill.

Then he went to those “cowardly leaders”, especially the towns of Texas Republicans like Senz. Ted Cruz When John Cornyn And the governor. Greg AbbottWho More armed police and teachers At school, not gun control.

“If your solution to the slaughter of children was armed guards, you weren’t paying attention to what was happening,” Kimmel said. “Buffalo had armed guards. Parkland had armed guards. Yuvalde Armed Guards.. “

Kimmel said he couldn’t believe Cruz didn’t care.

“He’s not a monster. He’s a human,” Kimmel added.

“So I have something to say to you, Ted Cruz, Humans, and Governor Abbott: It’s okay to admit that you made a mistake. In fact, it’s not just okay, but your mistake You need to admit that you made a mistake while killing the children in your state. You need a big person to do that. A brave person to do that. Is required. “

“And do you think these men are brave people?” He added. “No, I don’t. I don’t. But guys, if they surprise me, I love it.”

Kimmel also called on Americans to “stay loud and loud,” and shared a supercut video celebrating Republican lawmakers and candidates with easy access to guns.

“Let’s make sure that none of these politicians take office again,” he said.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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