Jimmy Kimmel hits back at Trump with an absolutely ferocious new monologue

Jimmy Kimmela joke donald trump It must have hit more than anyone realized as president at the time Reportedly tried to get late-night hosts censored 2018.

Now Kimmel is fighting back against the “fragile little snowflake” that couldn’t take the swell by dedicating nearly half of his first monologue to the former president.

“You’ll think you’re a father’s man Eric and Don Jr.You know how to handle jokes,” Kimmel cracked, then summed up some of his best Trump gags and most insulting nicknames delivered on the show over the past few years.

“Maybe this is why Donald and Melania sleep in separate bedrooms,” he speculated. “She was laughing out loud at my monologue at night.”

Kimmel even had an invitation of sorts in case the former president got nervous and showed up in person.