Jimmy Kimmel is ashamed of Q Anoners who have been waiting for JFK Junior for hours.



“As you know, the country is crazy every moment,” Jimmy Kimmel said on Tuesday night. He may have mentioned a number of ridiculous developments, but he especially wanted to talk about hundreds of “QAnon nuts.” Gathered in Dallas, Texas, “I’m dead to witness the victorious return of John F. Kennedy Jr., which you may remember.”

“But these people believe he’s not actually dead, but working to put him in power as Donald Trump’s secret agent,” continued the late-night host. .. “actually.”

Kimmel laughed out loud after showing a video of the crowd eagerly waiting for a “big exposure.” “This is unbelievable. He didn’t show. Can you imagine how rude it is? All those people thought JFK Jr. would come to see them in Dallas! And even if he comes, do you think he will be on your side ?! “

“Some of these bananas” pointed out that John F. Kennedy Sr., who is 104 years old today, is also predicting the return, and Kimmel jokes, “Why don’t Abraham Lincoln come back?” Said.

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“So neither JFK appeared, but instead of saying,’OK, we were wrong, this is crazy,’ they quickly came up with new predictions, and the Kennedy family and other” “The celebrity who died claimed to appear at the Rolling Stones concert in Dallas late tonight,” he added. “So I think Charlie Watts is back in the band, I don’t know!”

When Speaking of QAnonKimmel also used some of his monologues to chase after “Georgian genius” Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican). .. “

“Clan Mama was fined 20 times for not wearing a mask and was fined $ 48,000, which is a lot of truck nuts,” he added. “Fast forward to the point where she is kicked out of Congress, her husband leaves her for the man, and she begins dating Pete Davidson.”

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