Jimmy Kimmel mock Lara Trump’s “Big New Lips” after a strange Fox News appearance



After Donald Trump praises Mobilization of the army of Russian tyranny Vladimir Putin Along the Ukrainian border Subsequent invasion of UkraineSomeone seemed to hear this week and persuaded the host of a former reality show to change the song. “I think Putin has changed. It’s very sad for the world. He has changed a lot.”

“At least I think he still has Kim Jong Un,” cracked. Jimmy Kimmel On his late-night show on Wednesday night.

The comedian then chased Trump’s surrogate mother Lara Trump. “When it comes to politics, I have the credentials that I’m married to Eric,” Kimmel, who is conducting a media round attacking President Biden, cracked.

“”[She] He blamed Joe Biden on Fox News last night and put her big new lips on his dad-in-law’s ass, “Kimmel continued. (There are many things worth mocking more than she looks, but it seems like a low blow.)

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Kimmel then threw it at Fox News’ Lara clip. “What I want to know is what is Joe Biden’s platform? What is his election speech to Americans? Because, like Donald Trump, he couldn’t track all his achievements. What is the list of achievements he can rattle for Americans, as he had to put together the entire website? “

“Oh, that’s why he did it?” I thought it was because he was kicked out of all other websites, “Kimmel counterattacked.

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