Jimmy Kimmel offers to make Marjorie Taylor Green’s biggest fear come true

Jimmy Kimmel “Clan Mom,” said the Rep. marjorie taylor green (R-Ga.) still spouts racist conspiracy theories to scare voters into thinking they’ve been “superseded” by immigrants.

But it also gave him an idea.

Kimmel played a clip of Green warning that immigrants are “replacing you, your job, your kids in school.”

“And coming from all over the world, they’re also replacing your culture,” she said. “And it’s not great for America.”

“Isn’t it?” Kimmel counterattacked. “Because I think there is.”

Then he went further:

“Are you saying you can swap ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ flags and alcoholic boat parades? Anti-Vax Facebook groups and Proud Boy Circle jerk empanadas and crazy Can you replace it with some melodrama? bring from all over the world and replace it.”

“We need a good replacement right now,” Kimmel said as the audience cheered.

See more in his Tuesday night monologue.

This article originally appeared on huff post and updated.