Jimmy Kimmel reveals an unlikely man who was able to defeat Trump



Thursday night Jimmy Kimmel I was happy to run down Serious legal issues facing former President Donald Trump During his monologue.

“There are a lot of legal issues with Trump,” Kimmel said. “The Attorney General of New York says he has evidence that the Trump Organization was involved in the pattern of deception, and today the DA in Fulton County, Georgia, has asked a special grand jury to investigate a post-election grand jury. I learned that I had requested .. Moreover, the Supreme Court paved the way for a special committee investigating the riot to consider a 700-page document that Trump wants to keep secret. And today, Trump I received the latest information from Congress about what I was doing in a closed room.-Until January 6. “

Yes, according to former Trump spokesman Stephanie Grisham, Trump held a top-secret private meeting in the White House’s executive branch shortly before the January 6 riots, and attendees officially kept it away from the book. Was not recorded in.

In addition, meeting attendees were brought to the administration building where the president lived by an usher at the White House, an unpretentious fellow wearing glasses named Timothy Harles.

“”[It] It could mean that Timothy Harles is summoned by the Commission. This is a big issue for a man who thinks his only job at White House is at White House, based on what Google Image Search shows when searching for his name and choosing White. Will be. “The Christmas tree at home,” Kimmel said.

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(As a record, the work of the White House’s chief usher is much more extensive than this, including overseeing operations in the White House Complex and the Executive Branch, from budgeting to the Executive Branch. President Biden’s first day in office I immediately fired Harles.)

“It could be the man who beats Trump! Timothy!” Kimmel exclaimed. “Christmas war soldiers may be the ones who do this.”

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