Jimmy Kimmel taunts Donald Trump Jr. about desperate new message to his dad


Jimmy Kimmel people around said donald trump Desperately trying to distract attention from his long and growing list. legal issues.

One of the former president’s sons, Donald Trump Jr.released a video spoiling a clip of his father catching a sharpie marker being thrown on stage to sign autographs.

“Done, one handed. Smash it,” Trump Jr. said in the video.

“The only thing Joe Biden can catch is COVID. Good hands, Dad. Proud of you. Keep it up,” Trump Jr. added.

Kimmel couldn’t help but laugh at the clip.

“And Dad, can you pick me up? I’ve been in the field for two weeks and I don’t know how to get home,” he joked.

Kimmel has also made some of the wildest claims about the former president featured in the new book.

Check it out in his Tuesday monologue:

This article originally appeared on huff post and updated.