Jimmy Kimmel unloads Aaron’Cullen’Rogers for COVID vaccine lies



Aaron Rodgers Currently isolated by COVID-19 Jimmy Kimmel then put the Green Bay Packers quarterback on duty by refusing to be vaccinated without expressing sympathy on Thursday night.

“No one seems to know that he hasn’t been vaccinated,” the late-night host explained. “He didn’t wear a mask even where he needed it, and at some point he claimed he was’immunized’, but looking back when he said it, he wasn’t. That should have been clear. “

Kimmel then rewound the tape and added a comical air quote to Roger’s claim that he was “immunized.”

“We found that unvaccinated athletes who tested positive had to be quarantined for 10 days, so he was unvaccinated,” he continued. “If he had been vaccinated, he would have had the opportunity to play this weekend.”

Kimmel joked, “I should have known,” pointing out that Rogers was reportedly receiving “homeopathic treatment” instead of the vaccine in the summer.

Why professional athletes like Aaron Rodgers are so sensitive to medical quackery

“Aaron is Karen, that’s the fact of the matter,” the host declared. “Honestly, the only worse thing than not being vaccinated when in close contact with others is to make them think they are vaccinated otherwise. It is basically the same COVID as “the condom has fallen”. “

Earlier, Kimmel ridiculed Rogers Fellow Anti-Baxer Athletes Kyrie Irving may have a chance to rejoin Brooklyn Nets if New York’s new mayor Eric Adams relaxes the city’s vaccination obligations.

“I hope he can finish his research first,” he joked. “As you know, he does his own research. If he enjoys it so much, does he decide to become a full-time researcher?”

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