Jimmy, Rosalynn Carter Marks 75 Years of “Complete Partnership”

Atlanta (AP) — A young cadet needed a date one night while he was at home from the US Navy School, so his sister paired him with a family friend who had already frustrated.

Almost 80 years later, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter are still together in the same small town where they were born, raised and first went out. In the meantime, they have traveled the world as naval officers and military spouses, American presidents and first ladies, and finally as human rights and public health ambassadors.

“It’s a complete partnership,” the 39th president told The Associated Press in a joint interview prior to the 75th anniversary of the couple’s marriage on July 7.

It will be another milestone for the longest-married presidential couple in American history. Carter is 96 years old and is the longest-lived of the 45 men who served as CEO. But even at its peak, since Carter left the Oval Office in 1981, the most important decision he has ever made is the head of state, commander-in-chief, and even of the early nuclear submarines. He frequently states that he was not an executive officer. Cold War.

Rather, it had fallen for Eleno Arosarin Smith in 1945 and was married to her next summer. “My biggest secret is to marry the right person if you want a long-lasting marriage,” Carter said.

The non-elderly — she is now 93 years old — provided some other tips for a lasting bond.

“Every day we need reconciliation and communication between our two spouses,” said the former president, who both he and Rosalin are devout Christians and read the Bible aloud together every night. By their trip. “We don’t fall asleep with some differences remaining between us,” he said.

Rosalynn Carter pointed out the importance of finding common interests. Even now, “Jimmy and I are always looking for something to do together,” she said. Still, she emphasized the warning. That’s really important. “

As a first lady, Rosalynn Carter carved her identity while supporting her husband. Based on her predecessor’s efforts to emphasize special causes, she works in her East Wing office and works first with her husband’s West Wing aide in dealing with major laws, especially healthcare and mental health. We have set the criteria for ready. She continued that focus when the couple built the Carter Center in Atlanta after the White House era.

Indeed, the couple admits that the 75-year marriage was not seamless.

Jimmy initially planned to be Admiral instead of Commander-in-Chief. Rosalin praised their lives across the plains, where less than 1,000 people lived, both then and today. However, when James Earl Carter Sr. fell ill and died in 1953, his son shortened his naval career and decided to return his family to the Georgian countryside.

In retrospect, the former president wrote that it is unthinkable not to discuss such a life-changing decision with his wife, who was dissatisfied with the move. Now they are seeing the blooming of their partnership during that challenging time.

“We formed a partnership when we were working in the produce supply business and continued it when Jimmy was involved in politics,” Rosalynn Carter told AP. “I knew more about business on paper than he did. He would give me some advice on things,” she added, eliciting laughter and affirmation from her husband.

Jimmy Carter also did not seek Rosalin’s permission to bid on his first office a few years later. In that case, she was on board anyway.

“My wife is much more political,” he said.

She said: I love campaigns. I had the best time. I was in every state of the United States. In my last run, I had a solid campaign every day. “

It did not help avoid the 1980 Republican Ronald Reagan rout. But it also cemented Rosalin, who had given up the opportunity to go to college when she got married at the age of 18, as an equal partner to the leaders of freedom. world. And it showed Jimmy Carter’s evolution as a spouse.

Since then, he has spoken frankly about women’s rights, including within Christianity. Carter left the Southern Baptist Convention in 2006 and accused him of what he called a “strict” view of “conquering” women in the church and their own marriage.

The former president has ratified those views again, as well as his support for a church that allows same-sex marriage. “It will continue to divide,” he said. “But the church is evolving.”

Carters plans to celebrate their wedding milestones at a party in Planes a few days after their wedding anniversary. The most famous inhabitants of Samter County said they had different feelings about the spotlight decades after the inauguration ball and state supper.

“Too many people were invited,” Rosalynn Carter said with a laugh. “I really pray for some abandonment and regret.”

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