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Talk-Thorpe Hub Awards: “Favorite Actress” Winners Reflect Story and Fans

Winners of the Soap Hub Awards for their favorite actresses will join in to discuss why fans sympathize with each character and story in “The Talk.” “General Hospital” Laura Wright looks back on her personality, Curly Corinth. “It was great to take over the Five Families. I think the fans really enjoyed it. I stepped into the mob rally and sat at the top of the table. That was a lot of fun.” “Days of Our Lives” star Victoria Conefal, who plays Brady, said: Especially in recent stories, I think it’s resonating with them (fans). “I think Stephi has experienced a lot and I think she’s just continuing to recover, regardless of disability,” said Jacqueline, the “The Bold and the Beautiful” star who plays Stephi Forester.・ McKinness Wood talks. “I think she’s a strong business woman, lucky in love, and a strong lioness when it comes to children and family.”