Joe Cunningham at Myrtle Beach explains why he thinks Democrats can become Governor of South Carolina

South Carolina Governor Joe Cunningham was soaring into the sky at 120 mph before talking to dozens of supporters in a park at Myrtle Beach.

The Slingshot amusement park ride at Ocean Boulevard, which promises riders 5G power at takeoff, is a good metaphor for Cunningham’s short but meteor political rise in South Carolina. In 2018, his victory in the 1st Parliamentary District surprised national political watchers by becoming the first Democrat in nearly 40 years. Definitely a Republican district..

He lost a slight re-election in 2020 and ended speculation about his political future by announcing his candidacy for South Carolina Governor in 2022 earlier this month. Cunningham faces a very difficult challenge It’s the same long-term odds he encountered in the 2018 parliamentary bid. Republicans make up six of the last eight governors of South Carolina.

Cunningham wasn’t ashamed of this fact when he spoke to the crowd at Myrtle Beach on Saturday.

“I’ll give you some reasons why we can win,” he said, answering the elephant’s question in the room about how the Democrats can win the odds. “Number one, I did it before.”

He further told the crowd that midterm elections were historically superior to Democrats and that governor elections were “more local and less partisan.” Cunningham also advertised the appeal of the crossover when about 15,000 people voted for both Donald Trump and Cunningham in the 2020 reelection.

“It’s a kind of crossover support needed to win in the Red States,” he told the crowd.

He laid out the skeleton of his priorities, starting with expanding Medicaid and giving teachers significant salary increases. He talked about facilitating voting in South Carolina and what he called common-sense gun control. a few weeks ago, Press conference in downtown CharlestonCunningham promised to expand background checks on the sale of all guns and said he would support legislation that would give authorities more time to confirm background checks if elected governor.

Mike Chestnut, who has been with the Myrtle Beach City Council for over 20 years, met Cunningham before his speech. At Chestnut’s Big Mike Soul Food, they talked about mental health, the economic future of the city, and plans for Interstate 73.

“He impressed me,” Chestnut told Sunnews, and Cunningham came to see how he could help. “I just had the opportunity to sit down and talk to him.”

Cunningham couldn’t try Big Mike’s locally famous dish, but Chestnut invited him to the area to host a bigger event.

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