Joe Manchin lives on a boat in Washington — and protesters are reportedly heading there

Protesters apparently want to put all their hands on the deck to make Washington DC a state, and are now heading to Senator Joe Manchin’s (DW.Va.) Voyage home. ..

DC supporters are planning a protest on Thursday. Politico report, And they will gather at Manchin’s house … Boat.

“Okay,” Politico I’m writing for unfamiliar people. “[Manchin] When he is in Washington, he lives in a boat moored in the harbor. “

Indeed, the boat, Almost heavenIs “fixed 8 miles south of the Capitol”. time The story explained In 2014, Manchin said, “We regularly invite senators from both parties to a night cruise.”

“I wasn’t crazy about buying real estate in Washington,” Manchin said. time.

The· Washingtonian May be “Manchin doesn’t like to live here, so he lives on a boat,” he wrote.

In fact, this triggered a Republican attack ad against Manchin in 2018. Blame him His “$ 700,000 DC Luxury Yacht”.It’s a claim Politifact Gave In a “half-truth” rating, a boat’s “40 feet long is generally considered a yacht, but Manchin lives there when he’s in town, so it’s as easy to explain as a houseboat. “. Apparently I bought it for $ 220,000.

In any case, Manchin seems to be a member of the Diet who is ready to sail towards sunset at any time-perhaps including when protesters gather.

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