Joe Manchin says “no one can guarantee” that the Democratic-led settlement package will pass the Senate.


Joe Manchin

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Drew Angeler / Getty Images

  • Joe Manchin said on Sunday that he could not guarantee the passage of the Senate settlement package.

  • “Do you want to do more? Yes, you can do what you can pay,” Senator told CNN.

  • The AOC said the House of Representatives could abandon bipartisan spending bills without a progressively prioritized reconciliation package.

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Senator Joe Manchin said on Sunday that “no one can guarantee” that the Democratic-led settlement package will be approved by the Senate.

Appearing Regarding CNN’s “program status,” moderate West Virginia Democrats told host Jake Tapper that they couldn’t guarantee the passage of certain laws.

“I can’t really guarantee anyone,” he said. “I don’t guarantee anyone about any of these laws. Want to do more? Yes, you can do what you can pay. This will be paid. Our infrastructure All the invoices for the structure will be paid. We don’t have any debt, and putting it in will result in more debt. “

“When it comes to reconciliation, we have to look the same, so we said we’d come up with a budget resolution. Let’s start the process and see where it goes,” he added.

The Senate appears to be trying to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill of about $ 1 trillion, foretold by President Joe Biden and likely to be voted next week.

Biden and a group of Democratic and Republican senators in late June Agreed About the long-awaited plan that requires an eight-year spending investment It provides funding Important infrastructure projects such as highway and bridge upgrades.

Another $ 3.5 trillion infrastructure bill Hash out Senator Democrats address infrastructure priorities focused on childcare, clean energy, and education. The party aims to pass the bill through a budget adjustment process that requires a simple majority vote, rather than being subject to the 60-vote threshold required to break filibuster.

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However, there is no Republican support for a larger spending bill, and all 50 members of the Democratic rally must stick to it before it can be passed.

Sunday Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Said in another interview With Tupper, there were “more than enough” Democrats who could abandon the bipartisan infrastructure bill if the settlement package did not pass the Senate.

The Progressive New York Democratic Party told Tupperware that if the $ 3.5 trillion infrastructure bill does not pass the Senate, the House of Representatives “supports the end of negotiations and does not pass the bipartisan bill until all these investments are obtained.” Reference to “Human infrastructure” priorities such as universal pre-kindergarten initiatives and climate initiatives.

In an interview, Manchin also raised concerns about the price tag of the law and expressed concern about the country’s long-term financial position.

“You should be worried about someone tidying up your financial institution,” he said. “So I’m worried about it. I’m worried about inflation. But so we’re going to pay for it. So if they’re true, see what the price is. Let’s.”

He added, “Are we going to go outboard and make ourselves uncompetitive? I can’t do that.”

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