Joe Manchin wins and progressive folds like a cheap suit

Drew Angeler / Getty

Drew Angeler / Getty

After many, many, many, and many conflicts over whether to collect votes to pass President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill Progressive finally folded like a cheap suit late Friday night and passed through itIn exchange for almost nothing.

Consider how progressive demand has changed in the last few months. They pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill Senate It passed a $ 3.5 trillion social spending bill in exchange for a housing bill agreement in a half-sized $ 1.75 trillion package. If Congressional Budget Office agrees that it pays for itself When I know that if that happens, it’s unlikely that it will pass through the Senate unharmed.

Progressive Nancy Pelosi You can dress this up as they like. However, the Democratic trade passed a popular mainstream bill that would become a bill, and instead there was vast and progressive progress in the bill. Do not— At least soon — and certainly not without a major overhaul.

Democrats hand Joe Biden the long-awaited infrastructure victory

The main obstacle to their costly “human infrastructure” plans has always been Joe Manchin His fellow moderates in the Senate will never act on behalf of the moderates in the House of Representatives to negotiate on their behalf.

The decision to make a progressive cave was unclear until late Friday, but was foreseen by Congressional Progressive Caucus Chairman on Monday. Statement of Pramirajayapal“The president says he can get 51 votes on the bill, we’re going to trust him … we’re tired of waiting for one or two people.”

Jayapal’s comments were expressed in powerful language, but the message screamed for surrender.

NS Jake Sherman of Punch Bowl News said that, “So now [Rep. Jayapal] Infrastructure invoices will be sent to Biden’s desk without BBB warranty [Build Back Better]?? Progressive is in a much worse situation than last week. Manchin says it’s okay to vote against bbb. What a strange turn. “

Joe Manchin is America’s last hope for the Democratic Party

The natural consequence of progressive folding is Joe Manchin’s victory. This is another headline based on the possibility that the infrastructure week has finally arrived. Despite all the criticism, harassment and pressure, he never sprouted. Progressively said, “I’m comfortable with nothingIn the social spending bill, Manchin was essentially channeling Michael Corone.My offer is this: nothing.. Manchin, Hold a press conference In particular, he suggested that he would like to see the CBO’s report before voting on the settlement bill.

I keep thinking about the picture of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who is glaring at Manchin in the State of the Union address.Conservative at the time Jonah Goldberg wrote it “Manchin is a much more important and influential Democrat than the AOC, even though everyone is” paying more attention to her. ” The AOC has become one of the few progressives, including some of her fellow “squad” members who voted against the infrastructure bill late Friday night. “This is bullshit.”

But that was a time that seemed bullshit to many other Democrats. It’s impossible to know if passing this bill a week ago was enough to get Terry McAuliffe to the top, but it certainly didn’t hurt.

To give an example For bipartisan bills Billions For Virginia.. More importantly, it would have changed the story of Joe Biden’s helpless presidential office and changed the conversation from the furious cultural war in Virginia, at least during the news cycle.

It’s ironic that this accurate vote could easily have taken place a week or a month ago, before the painful and embarrassing Governor of Virginia elections.

It’s confusing to me why the progressives held up long enough to help the torpedo Democrats’ chances in the Virginia Governor’s election and agreed to the vote a few days later. My only theory was that they were afraid to be blamed for the loss (which explains why Jayapal began to signal a decision to withdraw on Monday), but vote by Friday. I couldn’t get it.

It’s too late to save McCorriff and too late to save the face. But maybe they can still save Biden’s presidency. Maybe.

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