Jogger with dog provides comfort to children at funeral

Fort Smith, Arkansas — Six-year-old Raylin Nast from Fort Smith, Arkansas has always been a daddy girl, according to her mother, Lacy. “She was very proud of her dad. She always wanted to introduce her to everyone,” Lacy said.

Raylin’s father, Davie, recently died of colon cancer. He was just 41 years old. Raylin was devastated. “It was a pure sorrowful cry,” Lacy said.

On the day of Davie’s visit, he joins Emily Bainman, who happened to be jogging with his dog Blue. She was passing by the funeral hall when she heard a small voice from the steps of the chapel.

Raylin Nast, Emily Bainman and her dog, Blue. & # Xa0; / Credits: Handouts

Emily Bainman and her dogs, Blue and Raylin Nast. / Credits: Handouts

“She was like,’Can I pet your puppy?’ And I was like,’Of course, unless your parents care,'” Beineman said. Said without knowing.

Raylin explained that her dad was lying inside, giving Blue a big hug, and giving Beinemann a great invitation. “I asked if she wanted to come see my father,” Raylin said.

Yes, the proud daughter invited her to meet her father for that random jogging.

Beineman was barely dressed for the funeral. She knew that just walking in the door would cause a scene, but she also knew that this was the last time a little girl could introduce her dad to anyone. So she followed her intestines — and down the aisle to Raylin.

“Everyone was looking around like,” Where did she come from? ” And she came right next to Ray, as she knew each other for a long time. There was that connection, “Lacy said.

Raylin Nast and Blue. & # Xa0; / Credits: CBS News

Raylin Nast and Blue. / Credit: CBS News

How can they form a bond so quickly? Raylin says it shouldn’t be a mystery. “She helped me feel better with her kindness.”

Raylin and Bainman are planning to meet again this week and be friends forever.

Of course, no one will replace her dad, but thanks to the kindness of strangers and the healing power of warm puppies, Raylin is on the road to a better place.

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Jogger with a dog provides comfort for a mourning child during his father’s funeral

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