John Bener says his time as Speaker of the House was like being the “mayor” of “crazy town” full of “jackass”.

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  • John Bener says his time as Speaker of the House was like being the “mayor” of “Crazy Town.”

  • Ohio Republicans describe his year in Congress in his new book published Tuesday.

  • According to an excerpt from The Washington Post, “donkeys lived in Crazy Town,” Bener wrote.

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Former Speaker of the House John Bener likened his time in Congress to living in “Crazy Town.” Washington post on Friday.

Bener, a Republican who has represented Ohio’s 8th Congress district since 1991, said his promotion to Speaker of the House in Obama became the “mayor” of “crazy town.”

“There were donkeys and media hounds living in Crazy Town, and some civilians were as confused as I was about how we were trapped inside the walls,” Bener said in a post. On the House: Washington Memoir. “Since Barack Obama took office, every second of every day I’ve been fighting bats one after another.”

The Tea Party movement within the Republican Party pushed Be Na to the top of the House in 2011, but by late 2015, an increasingly influential and conservative caucuses attempted to drive him away. Bener has resigned from the top post.

Be Na previously Criticized A block of tea party lawmakers, he didn’t hold back his book hitting the stand on Tuesday. He specifically aimed at Texas Senator Ted Cruz, calling him “a reckless hole that I think is smarter than anyone else.”

In his book, Bener said that these Republican collapses eventually prompted someone like wealthy political outsider and celebrity Donald Trump to become the party’s leader. Insisted.

According to the post, “it was okay for me because I don’t know if I belonged to the Republican Party he created,” Bener wrote about missing Trump’s 2017 inauguration.

Bener writes that he does not expect to join the Republican Party today because it is so far away from his traditional conservative political style.

“I don’t think I can even win the Republican Party today,” he wrote in the post. “I don’t think Ronald Reagan did that either.”

Also, in his memoirs, Bener frankly writes about his decades in politics. Playing cards, Mitch McConnell, Other.

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