John Dean explains why Donald Trump “can’t sleep well” on January 6th

Prosecutor General Merrick Garland on Wednesday I vowed to be accountable Anyone involved “at all levels” in the deadly US Capitol riots.

John Dean, a former lawyer for Richard Nixon who later turned over the then president in Watergate, saw it as a warning to former President Donald Trump and his allies.

“Donald Trump and his conspirators shouldn’t sleep well!” Dean tweeted.

Garland, in his criticism, said that the Justice Department had not yet targeted the organizers of the riots, but focused on Trump supporters who entered the Capitol, saying, “The actions we have taken so far are our last. Not. “

“The Justice Department has put all the perpetrators of January 6 under the law, whether they were present that day or otherwise liable for the assault on our democracy. We take responsibility and continue to work on detention at all levels, “he said. “We follow the facts wherever they lead.”

According to Garland, the attack has charged more than 700 people, 300 of whom have been charged with felony.

“We build the investigation by laying the foundation. Simpler cases are solved first to provide evidence of more complex cases,” he explained. “Investigating more obvious crimes creates a link to less obvious crimes. The obvious actors and the evidence they provide can lead us to others, and that evidence is It may serve as a basis for further research leads and techniques. “

“Stakeholders need to be held accountable, and the Department of Justice has no higher priority for us,” he added.

See Garland’s comments here:

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