John Oliver Calls Signs Trump Really Hates His Children ‘Deeply Wrong’


John Oliver Said donald trump‘s latest video contains a slip that may reveal a little more than the former president intended.

In the clip, Trump repeats the boast he was made at a recent event about helping family farms, including the false claim that he “removed the death tax” on the farm (in fact, he gain exemption).

In a new video, Trump says that child-loving farmers can let their children run the farm and “don’t have to pay taxes.”

Then he took a strange tangent.

“But if you don’t love your kids very much, some people don’t, and maybe some people deserve it, it doesn’t matter because, frankly, what do you want your kids to do?” Because you don’t have to leave either,” Trump said. “Thank you, enjoy.”

“He still has it,” retorted Oliver. “And by ‘it’ I mean something that has serious problems with his brain. How much must he hate a child to be distracted by that thought during a political speech?” Do you know?”

The host of “Last Week Tonight” gave a poignant example. Speaking of regrets for not withdrawing sooner, Don Jr.

The video was shot with two cameras and shows cutaway shots edited.

“They cut something out of it,” he noted. “Given what they kept, I’m dying to know what it was. it is perfect! ”

In his longer segment, Oliver looked into a special hell of the timeshare world — especially when people realized it was virtually impossible to escape many of those contracts.

“TV Wife” Wanda Joe Oliver (“saturday night live” Alum Rachel Dratch):