Johnny Cash murals leak from oil location after Arkansas water tower was shot

The town of Arkansaw is upset after someone pierces the water tower in a very special and unfortunate place.

The water tower in Kingsland, the birthplace of Johnny Cash, depicts the silhouette of a famous black man, but recently a stranger carefully aimed at Cash’s crotch and triggered it.Now the mural Leak forever From that location, a video shared on May 11 by the Cleveland County Herald Show.

Kingsland, with a population of about 400, is 72 miles south of Little Rock.

Betty Graham, director of the Water Department, told Herald that it could take a week to repair the damage.

She saw a leak when she entered the office early that morning, but thought it was a “daily overflow” until sunrise. Until sunrise, the cold light of the day revealed the work of the oil destroyer, Herald reported. Kingsland spent about $ 300,000 last year on improving its water tower.

“I know who did this,” the comment read. “I hope they come forward and draw in the destroyers.”

“This is terrible. If they know who it is, they need to give them the greatest punishment. This is people’s lives, their source of water,” another says. I did.

Some did not tolerate vandalism, but felt that the perpetrators were showing some pain.

“I shouldn’t have done that, but as long as creativity is in its first class,” the comment said.

See new harm coming Refurbished water tower Graham said in a Facebook post that he had nothing to laugh at.

“People find it interesting, but a lot of effort and effort was put into getting a grant to paint it,” Graham said. “It’s sad that someone can do this. If someone hears the shot and knows the time, or goes out last night and sees something suspicious, I or the water department or sheriff’s department Please let someone know. “

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