Johnny Cash’s old ranch is on the market for $ 1.8 million, and agents say it’s a “virtual time capsule.” check it out.


Exterior of the house

The appearance of the house.Douglas Elliman

  • The five-bedroom mansion, previously owned by Johnny Cash, is for sale for $ 1.8 million.

  • Cash built the Casitas Springhouse in 1961 and lived with his family for six years.

  • Most rooms are stored the way Cash originally designed.

The Casitas Spring mansion, owned by former country music legend Johnny Cash, is on the market for $ 1.8 million.

Exterior of the house

The appearance of the house.Douglas Elliman

Cash purchased 5.91 acres of land in Ventura County, California in 1961 with his then-wife Vivian. list.. The couple lived with their daughters until they divorced in 1966.

Cash’s ex-wife sold her home in the early 1970s. The Wall Street Journal Reported and quoting property records.

Current homeowners are fans of Johnny Cash, but real estate history was just a bonus factor in their initial decision to buy real estate.

One of the living areas in the house

One of the living areas in the house.Douglas Elliman

“Raising children in this spacious, secluded land was exactly what we were looking for,” homeowner Chip Hickman told insiders.

He and his wife, Joan, bought According to Hickman, they were looking for enough space to accommodate a family of five, wife’s parents, and siblings.

This is the first time they have put up a property for sale, Listing record show.

“I retired from my long career as a firefighter three years ago, and my kids are growing up and going to college. My in-law is gone and it’s time for us to get a little smaller.” Hickman said.

Douglas Elliman’s Adam McCaig and Melissa Borders hold the list.

“Virtually everything in the house is original to Johnny Cash’s design,” Hickman said.

A turntable built into the wall.

The turntable built into the wall is a feature that has been preserved from Cash’s original design.Douglas Elliman

Features such as a wall-mounted turntable, a curved brick fireplace, and a grandfather’s clock at the front door were all placed in place by Cash, Hickman said.

“The shorter list will be non-original,” he said. “It’s carpet and paint, and I think the house originally had a wood shingle.”

Hickman said that some features have been added to properties since the days of caching, but there have been no major refurbishments.

One of the living areas in the house

The wooden interior and wagon wheel chandelier are original.Douglas Elliman

These changes were mainly made outside the house, such as landscaping and fence construction.

“The front passage has been widened and stones have been added,” he said. “An outdoor kitchen has been added and most windows have been replaced.”

Hickman said his favorite part of living in a house is a sense of peace in property.


The kitchen is equipped with a custom wooden cabinet that has been preserved since the days of Cash.Douglas Elliman

“There is no city light to wash away the night sky,” he said. “There are many wildlife to see, such as deer, foxes, hawks, raccoons, owls, squirrels, and songbirds.”

The property is set on a hill, so the view of the rocky cliffs behind the house is great, he added.

According to the list, Cash wrote many of his hits in a wooden panel studio, and windows provided him with privacy.

Wood panel studio

Woodpanel’s studio was said to be where Cash wrote some of his hits.Douglas Elliman

“I was told because the wooden panel office was original and the place Johnny went to write his music,” Hickman said.

He said the studio was on the other side of the house, where Cash could make music without disturbing his sleeping family.

“Rumor has it that he was a little late-night and slept during the day,” Hickman added.

The house has 5 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms.

One of the bedrooms in the house

One of the master bedrooms of the house.Douglas Elliman

The house has two master bedroom suites.

“The ceiling of Johnny’s bedroom was painted black with flakes of gold, but our previous owner painted it white. The ceiling of Vivian’s bedroom was pink with flakes of gold, and they also painted it. I painted it white, “Hickman said.

He added that the ceilings of all other bedrooms were original, and the bathrooms, including the black cash toilets, were also original.

The property also has a swimming pool, pool house and barbecue area.

Exterior of the house

The appearance of the house.Douglas Elliman

“The house is a virtual time capsule as if Johnny and Vivian had left. Ultimately, buyers will be fans of Johnny Cash,” Borders said. “They are calling and coming from many parts of the United States. It’s fascinating to hear why their Johnny Cash experience has grown and they” have to have this home. ” “

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