Johnny Depp’s lawyer said he did not believe in Amber Heard because the jury “was not accountable for anything.”

Amber Heard

Amber Heard testifies during a defamation trial with Johnny Depp.ICHAELREY NOLDS / POOL / AFP via Getty Images

  • In an “today” interview, Depp’s lawyer explained why the jury felt he didn’t believe in Amber Heard.

  • “In my sense, it has a lot to do with accountability,” said Benjamin Chu.

  • “Johnny owned his problem,” he added.

On Wednesday, Johnny Depp’s lawyers Camille Vasquez and Benjamin Chew I went to the “Today” show To talk about their clients Last week, he won a defamation claim against his ex-wife Amber Heard...

When Savannah Guthrie asked the lawyer why he didn’t believe what the jury heard, they said it came down to one thing: “accountability.”

“My feeling is that it has a lot to do with accountability,” Chu told Guthrie. “Johnny owned his problem. He was very candid about his drug and alcohol issues. He was candid about some unfortunate texts he wrote. And it was invisible. Mr. Hard, or at least the jury, may have realized that she was not accountable for anything. “

One of the main moments of Hard’s accountability was when the actress ran for and spoke what Depp claimed. Once in the 1990s, girlfriend Kate Moss went down the stairs..

Regarding the 2015 fight against Depp, Hard said he hit Depp’s face. “Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait. Immediately think of Kate Moss and the stairs, he.”

In the second half of the trial Moss testified via video stream And he denied that Depp pushed her down the stairs. He didn’t come to help her after her girlfriend slipped.

“I screamed because I didn’t know what had happened to me, and I was suffering,” Moss said. “And he ran back to help me, took me to my room and treated me.”

The model testified that she was at a Jamaican resort while dating Depp, Sometime between 1994 and 1998..

“We were about to leave the room, and Johnny left the room before I left,” she said. “And there was a storm, and when I left the room, I slid down the stairs and hurt my back.”

Kate moss

Kate Moss testified in a defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.Reuters / Evelyn Hoxtine / Pool

A jury trial was found Both Depp and Amber Heard are responsible for defamation After less than 3 days of deliberation, against each other. They gave Depp $ 15 million in damages from Heard, but the award was later revised to just over $ 10 million, giving Depp $ 2 million in damages.

Depp filed a defamation proceeding against Hard in response to an editorial in the Washington Post detailing the experience of domestic violence. Depp’s name was not mentioned, but the article was widely interpreted as being about him.

According to Depp’s $ 50 million proceeding, Hard accused Depp of beating her and, in fact, created a number of verbal and physical assaults on him.

Hard denied the claim and argued for $ 100 million, claiming that Depp had repeatedly physically beaten her in their relationship while he was drunk with drugs and alcohol.

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