Johnson in the UK announces the end of all COVID-19 restrictions in the UK

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that all COVID-19 restrictions in the UK will be lifted later this week.

Johnson announced his plan to “live with COVID” at the House of Commons on Monday, and the legal requirements for those tested positive for CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus self-isolation will begin on February 24. The universal test, which was withdrawn and stated to be free, will end on April 1.

“The pandemic isn’t over,” Johnson warned, and the Queen’s positive test over the weekend “reminds us that the virus hasn’t disappeared.”

But he said it was time for a “transition from government restrictions to personal responsibility” with “a sufficient level of immunity to complete the transition” from law to dependence on vaccines and treatments.

“The COVID will not disappear abruptly, so those who wait for the war to end completely before lifting the rest of the regulations will limit the freedom of the British people for a long time to come.

“This government does not believe it is right or necessary. Restrictions have had a major impact on our economic, social, spiritual well-being, and children’s life opportunities, and we are no longer. You don’t have to pay that cost. “

Johnson said it was time to “regain confidence.”

He added: “We don’t need a law to force people to be considerate of others. We can rely on that responsibility for each other, so we learn to live with this virus and ourselves without limiting our freedom. Let’s continue to protect ourselves and others. “

In a statement, Johnson emphasized the enormous cost of the UK’s COVID-19 inspection program, revealing that the 2020/21 inspection, tracking and quarantine budget exceeds the overall Interior Ministry budget.

“We need to reduce this,” he said.

In addition to self-isolation requirements, regular contact tracing will end on February 24th. The same is true for self-quarantine payments and the legal obligation of an individual to inform an employer about quarantine requirements.

Changes to statutory illness salaries and employment support allowances aimed at overcoming pandemics and helping people will end on March 24.

The use of voluntary COVID-19 status certification will be deprecated from April 1st, but the National Health Service’s COVID-19 app will continue to show vaccination status for international travel.

Based on this plan, another COVID-19 booster vaccine will be offered to immunosuppressed people over the age of 75 and those living in long-term care facilities this spring.

PA Media contributed to this report.

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