Johnson in the UK apologizes for his aide joking about the closed Christmas party

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized after a video clip showing his aides joking about the alleged Christmas party in Downing Street last December.

Johnson and other government ministers have repeatedly denied the allegations that Downing Street staff had a party on December 18, 2020, in violation of the blockade rules, first reported by the Daily Mirror a week ago. bottom.

However, the leaked footage obtained by ITV appeared to be rehearsing the answer to the question at a closed Christmas party, with former spokesman Allegra Stratton laughing with other Downing Street staff. ..

In a question from the Prime Minister at the House of Commons on Wednesday, Johnson said he saw the 10th staff member, who “seems to downplay the blockade,” and understood and shared “the anger of the country.” rice field.

He also said he was “furious” to see the clip because he could understand “how annoying it is for the people who set the rules to think they didn’t follow the rules.”

“I generously apologize for the crimes it has caused up and down the country, and apologize for the impression it makes,” he said.

However, Johnson emphasized that “there was no party and the COVID rules were not violated” was “repeatedly guaranteed”.

He said he had ordered Chief Cabinet Secretary Simon Case to conduct an internal investigation of the allegations, adding that “if these rules are violated, disciplinary action will be taken against all involved.”

However, the main opposition Labor Party said the prime minister’s apology “raises more questions than answers.”

“Millions of people now think the prime minister considers them fools. They are lying,” said Labor leader Kiel Starmer. He said Johnson was “out of control” and his credibility in enforcing the COVID-19 rules was compromised.

The Scottish National Party went a step further and demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister. Ian Blackford, the party’s Westminster leader, said: The prime minister is responsible for losing public trust. He can no longer lead the most pressing problems facing these islands. “

Johnson responded by accusing the opposition of playing politics, claiming that he “will continue to work.”

But the leaked video also fueled anger among the conservative MPs on the backbench.

Sir Charles Walker, a former vice chairman of the 1922 Backbench Parliamentary Commission, said that as a result of the ongoing story, it is now “nearly impossible” for the government to introduce CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus restrictions. He said he was likely to think that.

He told Times Radio: I find it very difficult to enshrine them in the law and then ask our poor police to force them again. “

PA contributed to this report.

Alexander Chan