Johnson & Johnson manages plants that have ruined the dose of COVID-19 vaccine

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Dr. Forch says this can be done after the COVID vaccine

Dr. Anthony Fauci, President’s Chief Medical Advisor and Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, spoke with Rich Eisen about the latest episode of the podcast, Just Getting Started. Vaccination. “The CDC has published the first article of recommendations and guidelines that fully vaccinated people can do,” said Dr. Forch. “And in the coming weeks and months, they will come up with more and more guidelines.” According to Dr. Forch, read what you can do, your health and the health of others. Don’t miss these signs to ensure your health. Your illness is actually a disguised coronavirus. 1 Dr. Fauci says that most people vaccinated at home “can do whatever you want.” Do whatever you want, “Dr. Forch said. 2 Dr. Forch said that vaccinated and unvaccinated people without underlying illness can do whatever they want at home. “Even if some of the unvaccinated people at home are vaccinated, without a mask, unless there is an underlying condition that poses a serious risk of consequences to the unvaccinated people. You can interact with them .. You may have physical contact, “says Dr. Fauci. 3 Dr. Forch said vaccinated grandparents can visit their grandchildren if their children are healthy. Can she visit unvaccinated daughters and granddaughters? Eisen asked. “The answer is absolutely yes,” Dr. Forch replied. “Unless there is an underlying condition that infection of daughters and granddaughters can have serious consequences. In other words, are they normal and healthy people?” 4 Eating out after vaccination how is it? “For example, the reason I haven’t heard is that it depends on the level of infection in the community, so you can go to your favorite restaurant and eat indoors. If the level of infection is very low, the community You can be much more flexible about the kind of things you can do, “Fauci said. “But now, just yesterday, there were more than 50,000 new infections in the country. This is a very high baseline level of infection, so by combining the number of people vaccinated daily with the level of infection, I think getting lower and lower makes it much easier and safer for you. “Related: Most COVID patients did this before they got sick 5 How about a trip? work? Church? “Now that the CDC is trying to get enough data to make scientific recommendations, the question that needs to be addressed is what fully vaccinated people can do on a trip at work or in a place of worship. That’s right, “said Dr. Forch. “Until they publish the guidelines, I think we need to use common sense about the risks we take.” Until then, follow Fauci’s advice and vaccinate when it becomes available. To protect your own life and the lives of others, do not access the 35 places most likely to be infected with COVID.

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